[REVIEW] Natalia Kills Performs at Cherrytree London


The first time I saw Natalia Kills perform was when she opened for Robyn back in the fall of 2010. Since then, the British singer has traveled all over the U.S and Europe to perform songs from her debut LP "Perfectionist." Germany and Poland especially have fallen deeply in love with the "dark pop" of Natalia Kills. She has performed at major TV shows, radio stations and she was a special guest at Life Ball 2011 last month.

On Monday evening, she was back in the U.K. to perform at the Cherrytree London concert at King's College. What I truly appreciate about Natalia's performance is that she brings an intensity to her performance that is truly compelling. She sings, she dances and this perfectionist doesn't want to skip a single beat to make sure her audience captures every detail of the message she wants to convey. There's no escaping Natalia Kills.

Kills opened her show with a very special performance of "Free" with Cherrytree Records chief Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum on the keys for a stunningly beautiful, stripped down version of the song that has been selected as her new single.

Kills also performed her hit "Mirrors" and her current single "Wonderland," a track the neatly outlines Natalia's pop motto. She sings, "I don't believe in fairytales, but I believe in you and me." It clearly shows that her dark pop comes with a silver lining of hope.

Look out for the release of "Free" (featuring Will.I.Am) in the U.S. on June 28 that will surely help to further push the moment for the singer. Her debut album "Perfectionist" will be available in the U.S. this upcoming August.

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[REVIEW] Colette Carr Wows London Crowd With Debut Performance


Londoners know good pop and it takes a true talent for them to be impressed by anything new on the scene. Most newcomers would be wracked with nerves to play their first-ever liver gig in this pop town, but not Colette Carr. The bold Malibu, CA singer and MC was ready to make her mark and lay down some new rules when she made her performance debut at the Cherrytree London concert on Monday evening at King's College.

After Ellie Goulding kindly introduced her, Carr jumped onto the stage bursting with confidence and ready to give the audience a dose of her primo. Her action-filled, twenty minute set featured older and new songs, including her explosive MTV smash "Back It Up" and her new single "(We Do It) Primo" the happy-go-lucky tune that was produced by labelmate Frankmusik.

Dressed in a tasteful glittery dress (as seen in the "Primo" video), Carr had the crowd with their hands in the air swaying along to her unique brand of girl pop that combines catchy hooks with banging beats and her sunny outlook on life. What makes Colette Carr's music and performance stand out is that her Cali spunk and swagger is always well-behaved and never out of line, which is refreshing.

The audience agreed. "This girl is major," I heard someone next to me whisper to a group of friends who all nodded their heads in agreement.

Mission accomplished, because that's exactly the type of response Carr set out to achieve with her debut show. She's only just getting started and an early buzz like that can eventually trigger a firestorm. 

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[PHOTO] Ellie Goulding Makes Surprise Appearance at Cherrytree London


A radiant and gorgeous looking Ellie Goulding made a surprise appearance at the Cherrytree London concert on Monday night. Greeted by loud cheers of a raving crowd at a sold out King's College, the superstar British pop singer opened the show with a beautiful acoustic version of "The End," an unreleased track from her earlier recording sessions. Cherrytree London also featured performances by Far East Movement, LMFAO, Frankmusik, Natalia Kills and Colette Carr. I was there and have all the scoop. Look out for more bits and a review of the show very soon. (Download Ellie Goulding's "Lights" on iTunes in the U.S.)

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Cherrytree Pop Chop: Arjan Chats with Glee Musical Director Adam Anders

Glee is more than a hit television show. It's a bonafide global musical phenomenon that has created new television stars, delivered more than 100 Billboard Hot 100 hits, has broken iTunes records everywhere, and has inspired people around the world with its empowering message of individuality and positivity.

Driving force behind the music of Glee is the show's musical director Adam Anders. The Swedish born songwriter and producer has had a longstanding career in pop music, penning hits for artists like Ace of Base and The Backstreet Boys, and composing tracks for Disney's Camp Rock, High School Musical 3 and Hannah Montana: The Movie.

I recently sat down with Anders in the Cherrytree House to talk about the success of Glee and to give viewers an inside scoop on how the show's music production works - from picking the songs and mash-ups to working with the talent to the 24/7 production cycle to keep up with the weekly schedule of the show.

We had a lot of fun filming this episode and I'm excited to share it with you. A big thank you to Adam and the Cherrytree Records team for their time and support. Stay tuned for a new series of Cherrytree Pop Chop Minutes that will air later in June. Make sure to like if you love and share if you care. Thanks!

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Cherrytree Pop Chop with Adam Anders, Executive Music Producer of Glee, Premieres This Sunday


A very special Cherrytree Pop Chop episode will premiere this upcoming Sunday at 12 noon PDT and will feature none other than songwriter/producer Adam Anders, executive music producer for Fox hit show Glee. Adam has been a driving force behind the incredible success of Glee who is in charge of everything that has to do with the show's music.

His renditions of many Top 40 radio hits featured on Glee have proven musical success by achieving more #1 Billboard singles ever. Glee's first new and original songs, "Loser Like Me" and "Get It Right," which were written by Anders, landed at #1 and #2 respectively on the iTunes Top Songs Chart.

Another original Glee track written and produced by Anders, “Hell To The No” reached the #8 slot the same week. Glee celebrated its biggest sales week with seven tracks occupying iTunes Top Songs Chart with 986,000 tracks downloaded. 

In our sit down, Adam talks at length about his work on Glee and gives viewers some inside scoop on how the show's music production works - from picking the songs and mash-ups to working with the talent to the 24/7 production cycle to keep up with the weekly schedule of the show.

On a much more personal note, Adam also talks about what the outpouring of support for the show by fans everywhere means to him personally. Adam tells an incredible story that you don't want to miss.

This extended version of Cherrytree Pop Chop will premiere on Sunday at 12 noon PDT right here on ArjanWrites.com and on CherrytreeRecords.com

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