Nominated for Two Gay Bloggies 2006

I'm very honored that has been nominated for two Gay Bloggies, the gayest and sexiest Best of Blog awards in cyberspace  This blog is nominated for "Best Topical Blog" and I was nominated in the "Sexiest Queer Candy" category. I'm very, very flattered. Thanks so much to everybody that nominated me. Please vote for your favorites on the Gay Bloggies web site. I hope you throw a few votes my way. Voting closes on November 10. Thank you!  

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Blog Update


It is shaping up to be a hectic week. I'm back in Europe for a week. I will be watching the MTV European Video Music Awards in Copenhagen this Thursday. On Saturday, I will be in Berlin seeing The Killers perform at the legendary Huxley's Neue Welt. Right now, I'm in Amsterdam preparing some posts for all of you. Updates might come at odd times, but I'm planning to blog daily.

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Introducing Global Beats


Global Beats is a brand-new item on that highlights popular music from different regions of the world. I hope to give you an opportunity to discover noteworthy new music by featuring tunes you don't hear on your local radio stations.'s Global Beats will be written in support of Raising Malawi, a charity founded by Madonna that aims to end extreme poverty and degradation endured by Malawi's orphans. There are more than a million orphans in the African nation, 700.000 of whom became orphans when their parents died of AIDS. You can learn more about Raising Malawi and make a donation here.

I fully support Raising Malawi and its cause. The poor African country is wrecked by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, hunger, insufficient education and others issues that affect children most. They desperately need our help. Our donations to the charity directly support the humanitarian work that helps orphans. Donate today.

If you are an artists who would like to be featured on's Global Beats, I encourage you to write me at Thank you.

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Taking a Day Off...

Today is my birthday and decided to take a day off from everything. I'm just going to hide out in Sam's Town for a little while. While I'm doing that, feel free to talk back in the Comments section. Is there anything I should be listening to? Anybody I should interview?

Update on October 5: Thanks so much for all your best wishes!

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Frantic Transatlantic Travel

My recent posts have been a bit short and perhaps a little cryptic. I'm currently traveling in Europe and have been writing from airport lounges during my short lay-overs. But no worries. I have been listening to some great new music so I have some good stuff coming up. Greetings!

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