Ten Things To Remember About The Black Eyed Peas


After dominating the charts for almost a decade, the Black Eyed Peas announced late last week at a live gig in the U.K. that the group will go on a indefinite hiatus after finishing up their current tour.

Will.I.Am, Fergie, Apl.De.Ap and Taboo leave behind a rich pop culture legacy that has made them one of the most celebrated and talked-about pop acts in the last ten years who always have "paid attention to what is." It's a good moment to look back at that time and note some of the unique things to remember about the Black Eyes Peas

Photobucket DipDive: The Black Eyed Peas quickly understood the power of social media to connect and collaborate with fans. Even before the rise of Facebook and Twitter, the group launched online "lifestyle network" DipDive, an enhanced version of MySpace where fans and others chat about the Peas and more. Apl.De.Ap also launched his own Jeepney community to foster new emerging talent.

Photobucket Chart Success: Over the last ten years, the Black Eyed Peas have sold over 30 million records worldwide (plus over 30+ million digital tracks), which puts them in a superstar league of their own. One of their stand out chart achievements is the incredible success of "Boom Boom Pow and "I Gotta Feeling," which topped the Billboard Hot 100 consecutively for 26 weeks in a row in 2009. 

Photobucket Charity: With success around the world, the group leveraged their exposure by launching the PeaPod Foundation to "unite people through the universal language of music" and support children's charities across the planet. The group also supported many other charitable organizations, including Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur, Robin Hood Foundation and Little Kids Rock

Photobucket Justin Timberlake: The Black Eyed Peas crossed over into the pop scene with the help of Justin Timberlake who sang the hook on the group's 2003 breakthrough tune "Where's The Love" that helped propel them into stardom.

Photobucket Videos: The group has released many memorable videos that often included ground-breaking new editing technology, including Don Lee's 3D previsualization in "The Time (Dirty Bit)," the futuristic astral projections in "Meet Me Halfway" and the video for "Boom Boom Pow" that was a homage to Rebecca Allen's 1986 video for the Kraftwerk's "Musique Non Stop."

Photobucket Side Projects - Over the years, Black Eyed Peas members have developed many side projects to invigorate their creative juices. Most notably, Fergie launched a smash solo career with "The Dutchess" and Will.I.Am became a much sought-after producer and vocalist. He worked on projects for Sergio Mendez, Michael Jackson, and more recently Wolgang Gartner and Natalia Kills (who is signed to his Interscope vanity label).

Photobucket David Guetta - It's safe to argue that the chart-topping collaborations between "club people" Will.I.Am and French DJ/producer David Guetta helped push dance and electronic music to the top of the U.S. mainstream charts. Tracks like "I Gotta Feeling" and "Rock That Body" ushered in a new era of pop and paved the way for many other artists to follow their lead.

Photobucket Awards: The Black Eyed Peas have won a total of 80 major awards and they have had 116 nominations. Their accomplishments include 6 GRAMMY Awards (with 16 nominations), plus wins and nominations at the Billboard Music Awards, Brit Awards, People's Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards Japan, BET Awards, International Dance Music Awards, Billboard Awards, ARIA Awards and Nickelodeon Awards.

Photobucket Innovation: The Black Eyed Peas have strived to innovate while pleasing the taste of millions. Their music videos and live shows include many innovations, but one to point out is their involvement with the first-ever live 3D concert film. In 2010, their live concert performance of The E.N.D. World Tour in Los Angeles was transmitted to hundreds of theatres in 3D, which marked a major advancement in live 3D technology.

Photobucket SuperBowl: The group showed off their futuristic and imaginative live performance at the 2011 Superbowl that received mixed reviews but had a massive global audience tuned in.

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Special Report from Tonight's MuchMusic Video Awards + Live Twitter Feed from Arjan


ArjanWrites special correspondent Will Wong reports exclusively from the MuchMusic Video Awards rehearsals in Toronto today. After the show's run-through this afternoon, he writes that one of the show's highlight will be Lady Gaga's performance of "Love Game" and "Pokerface."

"The performance everyone was talking about was that of now mega-star Lady Gaga, who at this time last year was still relatively obscure. Lady Gaga rocked a fishnet/mesh outfit which was capped-off with a Madonna-inspired cone bra. She entered the stage through a set modeled after a New York City subway train. Surrounded by an army of male dancers, Lady Gaga's medley of "Love Game/Poker Face" was quite the spectacle, where the audience saw her gyrate and grab her crotch. The people loved it!"

Watch Lady Gaga's rehearsals right below. I'm live-twittering the show here.

Read Will's entire report with bits about the Jo Bros, The Black Eyes Peas, Nickelback, Kelly Clarkson and other performers. 



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Listen to Black Eyes Peas "I Gotta Feelin'" (David Guetta Extended Mix)

The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feelin'" will undoubtedly be one of the biggest songs of the season. Not just in the U.S. but around the world. The slick David Guetta-produced dance pop stomper is an incredible party anthem that has universal appeal with its crispy, electro-edged production, infectious hook and The Peas' signature party-all-the-time lyrics. Check out an extended club version of the track that Guetta produced after finishing the poppy radio edit of the track.

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Listen to Black Eyed Peas "Meet Me Halfway"

One of my favorite tracks on the new Black Eyed Peas album is "Meet Me Halfway." It such a fine-cut, guilty pleasure pop track with a super catchy synth riff. Fergie's vocals totally give me an '80s Madonna, '90s Gwen Stefani vibe. Just lovin' it. Have a listen. Get it here on iTunes.

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Watch Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feelin'"

I'm pretty sure this new Black Eyed Peas' single will be one of the biggest jams of the summer. From Ibizia to Tokyo, and from L.A. to Moscow, this BEP song will be everywhere from dusk till dawn. Produced by French electro maestro David Guetta (who makes a cameo in this video together with a bunch of TV personalities).

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