Stream New Hanson Song for World Aids Day


Remember that Mmbopping boy band Hanson consisting of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zack? Yes, that Hanson! The group decided to change their hair styles and drop Geffen Records to go all the way indie a few year ago. After being absent from the music scene for a little way, the Hanson brothers return with a special song that they wrote to commemorate World Aids Day this Friday.

Inspired by their recent time in South Africa and the tragedy and devastation AIDS has caused there, the group recorded "Great Divide,"  the first track from their forthcoming album The Walk as an iTunes Exclusive song.  All proceeds from the download will go to the Perinatal HIV Research Unit in Soweto, South Africa that is a hospital that helps reduce the transmission of pre-natal HIV/AIDS.

In a press statement, Taylor Hanson explains why the group's recent trip to South Africa inspired them to write this song. "Our trip to Africa was a personal awakening," says Hanson.  "Our experience there made clear that the fight against AIDS is an urgent cause that requires action whether you're in the ghetto's of Soweto or suburbs of America.  That is the message we want to help deliver through whatever means we can amass and encourage others to do so as well."

"Great Divide" is a gospel inspired pop rock song that features an African children's choir.

Stream Hanson "Great Divide"

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Stream JC Chasez's New Single (It's Really Good!)


After Justin Timberlake took the spotlight away from JC Chasez's excellent first solo album with his platinum-selling "Justified," it is now time to shine for the other talented 'Nsync heartthrob. And Timberlake agrees. He co-wrote and produced Chasez's brand-new single "Until Yesterday" that will impact radio on November 20. This song is finger-licking good and Chasez is sounding better than ever.

Instead of going after Timberlake's R&B driven sound, the two former bandmates came up with a melodic tune that is much more inspired by a '70s sound somewhat in the vein of Queen, 10CC and, dare I say, The Feeling with its swirling backing vocals, military drums and anthemic chorus. Just towards the end of the song I can spot Timberlake's influence with a little synth riff and string section that reminds me slightly of "Cry Me A River." Just a little.

Only the song's lyrics about a paternal drama are leaving me cold. "It is not your average love story, by any means," Chasez says of the song in a press statement. "It's actually about adultery and discovering your girlfriend has gotten pregnant with another man's baby. The song explains how you might deal with that situation."

The single is taken from Chasez's forthcoming album that also includes collaborations with Timbaland and Dallas Austin.

Stream JC Chasez "Until Yesterday"
Watch JC Chasez "Until Yesterday" (ft J. Timberlake)

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Hot New Talent Alert: The Feeling


The Feeling has gotten a hold on me. This London and Sussex quintet brings a refreshing '70s inspired tone to the U.K. pop-rock scene with their upbeat music that is a welcome change from the mopey manners of many popular British bands such as Keane and Coldplay. Imagine 10CC jamming with Scissor Sisters inspired by Supertramp plus a cameo by Bryan May. Could it get any more fun?

According to reports, The Feeling's lead vocalist Dan Gillespie Sells is openly gay. The singer allegedly commented on his homosexuality in a recent issue of Attitude. Bob emailed me that Gillespie also said that his sexuality has inspired some of the songs he wrote for the group's current album "Twelve Stops And Home." The song "Strange" is directly related to him feeling different as a gay man. "If you feel it, and if you mean it, don't apologize. And you'll be just fine," he sings. (Update: More about this here.)

Musically, The Feeling doesn't mind to be a new guilty pleasure for the masses. "We like getting away with murder," says Gillespie in their press biography."We like great big choruses with great big hooks." The truth of the matter is that The Feeling knows how to make those hooks memorable. No wonder they name Queen, Karen Carpenter and Mick Fleetwood as people that have influenced them.

In June, their debut was released in the U.K. in conjunction with several television appearances. The group is now gearing up for more exposure stateside. They are currently on a short tour in the U.S. together with The Fray to promote the release of their EP "Four Stops And Home" that is available on iTunes. also, catch their in-store performances at Borders in New York and Washington. According to my source at Interscope Records, their full-length album will be formally released in the U.S. early 2007.

I believe that The Feeling has huge mainstream potential in the U.S. It is a clever move by Dan Gillespie to come out of the closet now and avoid all the gay innuendo, so we can all focus on what's really important: the music.

Watch The Feeling "Sewn" [YouTube]
Watch The Feeling "Never Be Lonely" [clip]
Watch The Feeling "Fill My Little World" [clip]
Listen to The Feeling "Strange" [wma]

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Listen to the New Gwen Stefani Single


Big news hit the internets this weekend. Gwen Stefani will be releasing her second solo album "The Sweet Escape" on December 5. First single will be the Pharell-produced stomper "Wind It Up." Stefani has already performed the tune during her live shows last year and one fan was kind enough to record the song and upload it to our beloved YouTube. The sound quality is not great, but you get a feel for the song. The yodeling is priceless! I wrote earlier about this track in October 2005 when it was titled "Candyland." I assume the title of the song has changed for this new album. Check out "Wind It Up." (via Popjustice)

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Stream Formatic "My December"


Remember that hot new electro-pop duo Formatic that I wrote about a while back ? Things appear to be picking up momentum for siblings Nik and Kate who have been working on new material. Their song "State Of Play" will be appearing on the 2-disc electro compilation "Robopop - The Return." It's being released in the U.K. on November 6 as a joint venture between Planet Clique and Lucky Pierre records and distributed via Pinnacle overseas. Bands like Goldfrapp and The Knife will also be featured on the CD set. "State Of Play" is scheduled to be released as a single in December.

Nik and Kate are fans of and would like to share their brand-new track "My December" that they recently recorded in London. I like how this song combines Kate's emotive, delicate vocals with the electro static effects on the song. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Stream more Formatic tunes on their MySpace page.

Stream "My December" by Formatic

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