Sarah Brightman on Marriage


"I don't think gay people are outcasts. My brother is gay and he is not outcast in anyway whatsoever. My second cousin is also gay and he is not [an outcast]. We should all be free to do what we want to. Especially in this country it is what is fought for, the freedom of thought and freedom of the way that we live. To tell you the truth I don’t even think about it. If gay people want to get married and they want to adopt children (. . .) that is absolutely fine.They should be allowed to do that. We should all be free to do these things."

Multi-platinum recording artist and musical actress Sarah Brightman in an interview with Arjan. Brightman recently released her new CD/DVD "Live in Las Vegas" and will continue her "Harem" tour in the U.S. this fall.

Shirley Manson on Marriage


"(...) It makes me so sad to think about all the seriously commited gay couples who are struggling and fighting for the right to enter into the institution of marriage yet meanwhile silly little girls like Nicky Hilton are able to make an absolute mockery of it and besides the odd raised eyebrow or two totally get away with it just because she's a hetrosexual. It's so unjust."

Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson in her diary on the band's web site this week. Garbage is scheduled to release their new album "Hands On A Hard Body" early 2005. This will be their first effort effort since 2001's "Beautiful Garbage."

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Butch Walker on Marriage

Butch Walker: Avril's Favorite Songwriter

Rolling Stone Magazine recently named Butch Walker a "Hot Producer" for all the successful production and songwriting work he has done for artists like Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan and American Hi-Fi.

He co-wrote Lavigne's recent hit "My Happy Ending," and he also wrote the lyrics and music for the Canadian singer's contribution to the upcoming SpongeBob SquarePants soundtrack.

What most people don't know is that Walker has his own artist career as well. This fall, he returns to the stage to play songs from his second album "Letters" when the rocker goes on tour with Avril Lavigne.

Butch Walker spoke in a recent interview with Arjan about equal rights for gays and the anti-gay constitutional amendment, which is on the ballot in his home state of Georgia on November 2nd:

"I'm probably the least homophobic heterosexual you'll ever meet. I live on a street with all gay couples and the people I hang with at the end of the night are couples that don't judge me for what I do so I don't judge them for what sexual preference they have.

I grew up in a redneck town with a lot of close-minded opinions. It really helped me to be this freak in high school with three color hair and crazy clothes, because I got out of there quicker and it made me gravitate towards a culture and people that embrace individuality.

It saddens me that there are so many people in this world that are against [gay marriage]. Especially, our president who obviously can go to hell. He loses my vote right there, just because he is so close-minded.

I’m gonna do everything I can to get my marriage license so I can marry my gay friends. I’m hoping Georgia will evolve culturally like some of the other states have."

Dave Dresden on Marriage

DJ/Producers Gabriel & Dresden

"A lot of artists that we’ve remixed have a really big following in the gay community. When I started as a DJ I listened a lot to Junior Vasquez in a room full of shirtless gay guys. You have to respect that. I understand it. I loved it (. . . ) I support equal rights for gays. The current administration is ridiculous. If liberty is for all why would that exclude somebody because they have a sexual preference that is different than what the government thinks is cool. We have a very strong opinion about that. "

Dave Dresden from famed DJ/production duo Gabriel & Dresden in an interview with Arjan.

The two have remixed songs from Britney Spears, Dido, Annie Lennox and Madonna. Their debut artist album "Bloom" appeared earlier this months.

Previous artists on about gay marriage: Sasha, Sarah Hudson, Yoko Ono, Pink, Amber, Cyndi Lauper, Jason Mraz, Dannii Minogue, Megan Mullally

Sarah Hudson on Marriage


Sarah Hudson is our favorite new fag hag. She doesn't mind the title. In fact, she is proud of it. The West Hollywood pop singer (who is a cousin of actress Kate Hudson) likes to hang with the boys as much as she can. "I feel certain girls have an inner drag queen," she tells Arjan. "And I definitely have an inner drag queen going on just like Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and those kind of girls."

After several delays Hudson finally released her debut album "Naked Truth" yesterday. With her cheeky lyrics, infectious pop-rock tunes, punky appearance and uncompromising view of the world, the singer is refreshingly unique among the pop tarts of her generation.

She extends her support to gays in their struggle for equal civil rights and gay marriage. "I am a huge, huge believer in love. And no matter who you love and who makes you feel good, who cares? Gay people should be allowed to get married just like straight people," Hudson says. "We all need equal rights, straight, gay, black, white, whatever, you know?"

She encourages people to openly express themselves and to not be afraid of who they really are. "I want to let kids know that it's okay if you feel different," says Hudson. " Just continue searching and discovering who you really are and what makes you an individual."

Hudson invites all the gay boys to hang with her at some of her favorite gay bars along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. "There is nobody better to dance with than the gay boys," she laughs.

Download Sarah Hudson "Naked Truth":

Sarah Hudson