Antigone Releases New Single "Promiscuity"


Antigone is not your run-of-the-mill pop singer. The London-based artist infuses her slick, infectious pop tunes with poignant and well-crafted storytelling that is rare among the dozens of poptarts and one-hit wonders ruling the charts. Antigone is up there with artists like Roisin Murphy, offering listeners a unique point of view that conveys both style and substance.

Her new singe "Promiscuity" precedes the release of her much-anticipated new album, titled "Antigoneland," on April 23. In an interview with EQ, Antigone explains that "Promiscuity" is one of the hardest songs she has ever written. "It hideous and complicated in terms of structure," she smiles.

But it is not only the song's catchy vibe and complex structure that makes it such a stand out track. It is also Antigone's lyrics about growing up, relationships, jealousy and the need for intimacy that are particularly well put.

She explains that the song's lyrics are based on the notion that most people meet their soulmate at a very young age, but that they still have the need to experience being with other people. She sings:

It hasn’t been like this from the start. Like a child forgets its lisp, your young tart. Has faded in you.. Is departing from you (. . . ) I could never see any reason to be close to you. While she was so rudely riding around. With you all over town (. . . ) Irreconcilability. Is the inevitable fee. Whether or not you play. With the fish in the sea.

"It's a double edged sword," Antigone explains. "[People] need to do it and it is important for their own development, but you'll get jealous."

Click here to download "Promiscuity." Listen to "Promiscuity" below.

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Get It Now: Antigone "More Man Than Man"


Antigone's much-anticipated new single "More Man Than Man" is finally available in digital download stores around the world. And it has been worth the wait. Produced by savvy Shave (Darren Hayes, Cerrone), "More Man Than Man" is one of those rare pop gemst hat will capture you immediately with its bouncy, I'm gonna get you on the dance floor, early '90s disco feel to it. Antigone is one sassy little beast who gives the glittery disco ball a steady whirl of her own with a fresh new dose of girl power. It's pure hotness. Roisin and Kylie better watch out. There's a new lady on the dance floor and she'll move you.

Download it now
Download it now
Download it now

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Hot New Talent Alert: Antigone


Look at her. She's so red hot, she glowing.

Antigone is one of the most exciting pop acts to hit the British pop scene in a while. And I am not saying that because I did shots with her at a Darren Hayes after-party to celebrate my birthday in London last year.

Antigone is genuinely one of those rare talents who will make you wet your panties. This cool chick has a vision, a message and a dance beat that will keep you rocking for hours after midnight.

Some of you might remember Antigone as the voice behind Etherfox and Cerrone. Those projects garnered attention from major industry tastemakers like Pete Tong and collaborations with peers like The Shapeshifters.

Produced by Justin Shave, Antigone's first single "More Man Than Man" is one of the more dance-pop oriented tracks on her forthcoming new LP. Many of the other album tracks have a quirky, alt-pop vibe that remind me of Roisin Murphy's first crunchy solo efforts. "More Man Than Man" is Antigone's interpretation of girl power. With lyrics like, "Don't be acting so cool. I'm your friend I'm not your fool," there is no doubt who is wearing the pants in this relationship. Antigone is indeed more than a man.

Listen to "More Man Than Man" by Antigone:

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