Watch Annie Lennox "Backwards/Forwards" (DJ Earworm Mash)

The good stuff just keeps coming tonight. Check out a fantastic (authorized) mash up that San Francisco mash up artist DJ Earworm put together of several Annie Lennox tracks.

"I’ve always held a deep respect for Annie Lennox and her music, so when she gave me her multi-track masters to mash up, I was thrilled," he writes on his blog. "The task was to tie together all of her solo career into single song and video, and I could deconstruct it as much as I wanted! Woohoo!"

The mash medley includes: "Why," "Walking On Broken Glass," "Little Bird," "No More I Love You’s," "Waiting in Vain," Something So Right," "Dark Road," "Sing" and "Shining Light." Get the lyrics of the mash up here.

Video Premiere: Annie Lennox "Shining Light"


Today, AOL's Spinner premiered the video for Annie Lennox's brand-new single "Shining Light," a cover of Ash' original. The song is taken from the singer's forthcoming greatest hits compilation, "The Annie Lennox Collection."

It's an excellent, middle of the road pop song with a fitting video which features lots of saturated colors and a backing band consisting of multiple versions of Annie herself.

"I didn't know who the band was going to be because I really don't have a [regular] band," she tells Spinner. "I was thinking, 'I'll get some women [and] it'll be an all-female band.' Then I had another thought, 'Well, maybe I could just be all the women in the band,' and that would be fun. So I'm all the characters in the band at the same time. I mime bass and lead guitar really badly. [But the video is] really sweet and it's beautiful."

This woman never ceases to amaze. She's still so full of energy and looks mighty fit in that silver spandex outfit. Not bad for a 54-year old lady!

Annie Lennox Continues "Sing" Campaign to Spread Message About HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention


Annie Lennox is not only an endlessly gifted and soul stirring singer, she is also relentless humanitarian who has used her fame, network and resources to reach out to some of the people in our world that need it most.

Back in December 2006, she assembled 20 of the world's most acclaimed female pop singers to record "Sing," a song that Lenox wrote to help draw attention to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. Proceeds of the track are donated to Souh Africa's Treat Action Campaign that campaigns for access to treatment for people with HIV and the reduction of new HIV infections. Their efforts have resulted in many life-saving interventions, including the implementation of country-wide mother-to-child transmission prevention and antiretroviral treatment programs.

In 2008, The Sing Campaign will continue with new initiatives. Most notably, The Body Shop retail chain will sell and distribute the song "Sing" in selected outlets. This will be the first time the Body Shop has ever sold music to the public.

Lennox announced these her new initiatives last Friday and also took the opportunity to emphasize the fact that Monday, March 10 is the official National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in the United States. Check out a new and special video message from Annie Lennox on the brand-new Sing web site.

Show your support for Treat Action Campaign and download "Sing" today.

The 2007 Punch: My Favorite Albums of The Year


Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Róisín Murphy "Overpowered"
Timeless and intelligent dance pop by a top-notch performer. Bring on more Róisín in 2008 please!

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Siobhan Donaghy "Ghosts"
Donaghy broke out of her girl group mold and pushed her artistic boundaries in exciting new directions. "Ghosts" is one of the most overlooked, yet sublime pop records of the year.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Charlotte Gainsbourg "5.55"
Subtle, soft and chic. It is like Chanel No. 5 for your ears.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Darren Hayes "This Delicate Thing We've Made"
"This Delicate Thing We've Made" is just that. A delicate piece of work that takes you on a journey through time with Hayes' distinct vocals and Justin Shave's accomplished production stylings.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2  Kenna "Make Sure They See My Face"
Genre-buster Kenna combines electronica, funk, pop and hip hop so elegantly that it rocks.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2  Will.I.Am "Songs About Girls"
A bold solo record by one of the most genius producers of the moment.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Anouk "Who's Your Momma"
Confident and honest, this rock chick tells it like it is. Expect "Good God" to climb the global charts in 2008.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Passenger "Wicked Man's Rest"
Touching balladry sang by one of the year's most striking new voices.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Tracey Thorn "Out Of The Wood"
A perfect marriage of style and substance. And her voice is priceless.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Roz Bell "The First Sunbeams"
Bell combines songwriting talent with a laid-back attitude that is simply irresistible.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 Klaxons "Myths Of The Near Future"
These three lads got me dizzy on my feet when I saw them perform at Coachella back in April. This is rock and roll for the here and now.

Arjanwrites_bullet_small_2 I also enjoyed listening to albums by these great artists in 2007:

Kate Havnevik "Melankton"
Kanye West "Graduation"
Dragonette "Galore"
Alison Moyet "The Turn"
Young Love "Too Young To Fight It"
Just Jack "Overtones"
Annie Lennox "Songs Of Mass Destruction"
Kocky "Kingdome Come"
M.I.A. "Kala"

December 1 Is World AIDS Day, Annie Lennox Releases Charity Remix EP and New Video

I've said it before and I will say it again. Annie Lennox is one of a kind. She is such an inspiration. Not just because of her music, but also because of her actions.

"Several year ago I personally witnessed Nelson Mandela standing in front of his former prison cell on Robben Island, addressing the world's press," Annie Lennox says in a press release. "His message was that the pandemic of HIV/AIDS in Africa was in fact, a genocide. Since that time I resolved to do as much as I can to bring attention to the HIV/AIDS crisis."

For her latest record, titled "Songs Of Mass Destruction," she recorded the charity song "Sing" that features 23 other female singers (including Madonna, Celine Dion and Pink) to make a powerful and bold statement about the dire situation in Africa. Watch a new video for the song here.

The song benefits the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) that campaigns for treatment for people with HIV and to reduce new HIV infections. Their efforts have resulted in many life-saving interventions, including the implementation of country-wide mother-to-child transmission prevention and antiretroviral treatment programmes.

Lennox recently went back to South Africa to work with TAC and to record "the real situation millions are facing every day, so the people unaware of the pandemic might gain some understanding. The trip will be documented across online, TV and print media produced by Annie Lennox herself." A first compilation of videos were recently featured on

A brand-new digital EP with remixes of "Sing" was released on iTunes this week to commemorate World Aids Day on December 1. The song was remixed by Moto Blanco, Dean Coleman and Harry "Choo Choo" Romero. Proceeds of the song will go to Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa. (Click here to purchase the "Sing" EP on iTunes.)