Dangerous Muse Remixes Adam Lambert "If I Had You"


After revamping Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," the guys from Dangerous Muse now take on Adam Lambert's smoldering pop tune, "If I Had You." The remix is included on a special single EP that was released on iTunes today, and also includes remixes by Jason Nevins and Morgan Page.

Adam Lambert asked his pals of Dangerous Muse to remix his single after hearing their gothy Gaga remix. Suddenly an in demand remix team, Dangerous Muse have also been solicited by other artists and labels to create mixes for Kimberly Cole, Tegan & Sara, The Veronicas and Alanis Morissette. Dangerous Muse has now set the release for their artist debut LP "Take Control" to October. Look out for that.

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Listen to Adam Lambert "Voodoo" (Produced by Sam Sparro)


The much-anticipated collaboration between West Hollywood pals Adam Lambert and Sam Sparro has finally surfaced on an international edition of Lambert's debut LP "For Your Entertainment." Together they wrote and produced "Voodoo," a throbbing, slow-churning number that has Sparro's signature soul swagger written all over it. It is electro-glam-pop-soul with a whole lot of Lambert sizzle. Quite frankly, I like this track, but I'm mostly excited about hearing something new from Sparro. Listen to a lo-fi version of the song below to get a feel for it. (Photo by Jason Bell for Out 100.)

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Adam Lambert Does V Man

Check out some really cool b-roll footage from Adam Lambert's photo shoot for the "How To - Dress Like a Pop Star" issue of V Man. Shot by Mark Abrahams, this special pop star photo series features five of pop's biggest movers and shakers including tween sensation Justin Bieber, "first out American pop star" Adam Lambert, Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship. The magazine will hit news stands on Thursday. Check out some exclusive photo outtakes right here.

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Adam Lambert Visits Logo, Discusses the Gay Controversy, Watch His New video


My good friends over at Logo have some major scoop today! None other than Adam Lambert visited the MTV studios in New York to shoot a guest appearance on Logo's hip and happening PopLab show.

Head over to Logo's NewNowNext blog to read more about John's impromptu run in with Lambert who he describes as "a very smart, funny, self-deprecating and nice guy."

In a quick chat with the blog, Lambert talks briefly about the controversy that unfolded after his sexually-charged AMA performance. "The AMA show was meant to be fun, and the song's about sex, so why not go for it," he said. The show wasn't meant to piss people off, it was just meant to be outrageous. Why do people take it seriously? Obviously, I didn't."

Lambert feels that female performers have used sexual innuendo in their performances for years and rightfully argues that a double standard is applied. "Because I'm a gay guy, I can't do that? It's discrimination," he said.

No comments from Lambert on ABC's ridiculous move to cancel his appearance on Good Morning America due to his AMA performance. Instead, Lambert has the last laught and will appear on CBS' Early Show instead.

Until then make sure to watch, Lambert's glamtastic new video for "For Your Entertainment." What do you think of Adam's new video?

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Adam Lambert Talks to Los Angeles Times about Crossing Boundaries, Utopia and Burning Man


"I listen to crazy, robust rock music where they sing their faces off, and soul music, which can be similar. But I also listen to a lot of dance music. I love that style. I was a Paula Abdul fan, a Michael Jackson fan, a Madonna fan. When Christina Aguilera came out when I was in high school, that was a great example of someone taking the pop-dance feel but who could really sing. Pop stars have done it; it's just not a lot of guys have done it. Maybe it's a question of masculine persona (. . .) I'm the gay guy pushing the straight boundaries."

-- Adam Lambert tells the Los Angeles Times in a candid new interview

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