Cherrytree Pop Chop with Adam Anders, Executive Music Producer of Glee, Premieres This Sunday


A very special Cherrytree Pop Chop episode will premiere this upcoming Sunday at 12 noon PDT and will feature none other than songwriter/producer Adam Anders, executive music producer for Fox hit show Glee. Adam has been a driving force behind the incredible success of Glee who is in charge of everything that has to do with the show's music.

His renditions of many Top 40 radio hits featured on Glee have proven musical success by achieving more #1 Billboard singles ever. Glee's first new and original songs, "Loser Like Me" and "Get It Right," which were written by Anders, landed at #1 and #2 respectively on the iTunes Top Songs Chart.

Another original Glee track written and produced by Anders, “Hell To The No” reached the #8 slot the same week. Glee celebrated its biggest sales week with seven tracks occupying iTunes Top Songs Chart with 986,000 tracks downloaded. 

In our sit down, Adam talks at length about his work on Glee and gives viewers some inside scoop on how the show's music production works - from picking the songs and mash-ups to working with the talent to the 24/7 production cycle to keep up with the weekly schedule of the show.

On a much more personal note, Adam also talks about what the outpouring of support for the show by fans everywhere means to him personally. Adam tells an incredible story that you don't want to miss.

This extended version of Cherrytree Pop Chop will premiere on Sunday at 12 noon PDT right here on and on

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