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While on the topic of songs that I've been loving, I must also mention BTS' should-have-been-a-way-bigger-hit "Euphoria." It's a major bop that I love to go back to once in a while when I'm in need of a timeless, sugar-sweet, goosebump-inducing power bop. Honestly, I cannot get enough of "Euphoria." The song was first released in the summer of 2018 as part of the Love Yourself: Answer compilation. It's an important song for multiple reasons. It proved that K-Pop could seamlessly adopt Western pop stylings, it set the tone for the hopeful and triumphant thematic arch of Love Yourself: Answer, and it shows off Jungkook's pristine pop vocals. The way Jungkook brings the bridge back to the chorus, two thirds into the song, gets me every time. The production is courtesy of Candian producer DJ Swivel who expertly added just the right dose of spark and sizzle to make "Euphoria" a shining beacon of memorable K-Pop. Love you, BTS.

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