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Hot New Talent Alert: Joshua Bassett "Common Sense"


Joshua Bassett delivers all the feels with his impressive debut single, "Common Sense." It's a beautifully-crafted, earnest confessional about when love plays tricks with your emotions and throws all practicalities to the side. Bassett sings, "Common sense tells me 'leave it all behind,' but common sense ain’t common when you come to mind." It's a wonderful pop sentiment that introduces an exciting new artist. Bassett is known to most for playing Troy Bolton in the new version of High School Musical, after previously appearing on Grey's Anatomy. Music and writing songs has always been a huge passion for Bassett, and hopefully "Common Sense" is a good indication of what's to come. It shines in simplicity and gets right to the point, making it universally relatable and understood. Well done, Joshua.

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