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Listen Up: Niall Horan "Black And White"


"Black & White" is the best Niall Horan song you may not have heard yet. The song is taken from his new album, Heartbreak Weather, that is filled with fine little bops about love and heartbreak. Horan took a few sonic risks on this new LP to continue to evolve and aim higher as an artist. I applaud him. Songs like "Put A Little Love On Me" and "Dear Patience" are finely tuned, heartfelt ballads that we never have enough of. The title track is a breezy jam straight from the 80s, and let's not forget about the island vibes of "No Judgement." There's a lot of great music to dig in here, but to me, there's one that firmly sticks out. That's "Black And White." Expertly produced by Julian Bunetta and Teddy Geiger, Horan serves up a straight-up anthem of the goosebump kind. It's full of life and full of fervor. In other words, it's great pop music. "Black And White" has a racing pulse that will have you tapping along the moment the needle drops. Enjoy.

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