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There's very little I know about Maxine except that she's Dutch and able to serve up a great pop melody. Case in point is her new single "Help Myself" that's a pristine little pop banger. Written by Maxine, Julian, and Adriaan Philipse, "Help Myself" is "about being so in love with someone that you do stupid things to keep them close to you," explains Maxine.

She writes, "It's about being jealous and all the crazy things you do if you're jealous. Like checking someone's phone without them knowing, obsessively scrolling through their Instagram stories just to find out that the girl he's standing next to is his sister. I mean, even the brightest persons can be jealous. It's a human emotion."

So who is this bright young new star on the pop scene? The bio on her web site provides some clues. Maxine is 21 years-old and hailing from The Hague. Before starting her career as a writer, she attended Sweden's famed pop academy Musikmakarna where she learned how to apply her innate talent for pop following the advice of mentors like Max Martin. 

"Help Myself" is a very, very promising introduction to what Maxine has to offer. It's current, universally appealing, and prominently displays her songwriting savvy and powerful pop vocals. You can easily file her music next to Lauv, Julia Michaels, Julian and LANY. Maxine is one to watch.

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