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Listen Up: Carlie Hanson "Daze Inn"


Every song Carlie Hanson has put out since her debut in 2018 has been excellent. Today, she released her new single "Daze Inn" and I love every single second of it. It's moody and introspective but has a bright pop glow that perfectly defines Hanson's sonic aesthetic. She has a knack for sharing what's on her mind, the good and the sad, and making it universally appealing with great hooks and melodies. I'm such a fan of what Hanson is doing. This lady has spunk and pure star power. If you're only just discovering Carlie Hanson make sure to also listen to "Back In My Arms," "Only One," and "Side Effects." Every generation needs their Avril Lavigne, and Carlie Hanson is that for 2020 (and more).

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