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Listen Up: Ben Platt "Older"


Today's reality forces you to put life in perspective and have an appreciation for the little things in life that are easily taken for granted. Music has always been a way for me to hear observations articulated in a way that helps me reexamine life through a different lens. Ben Platt's "Older" is one of those songs that has stuck with me as an important reminder. Set to a timeless melody with an anthemic quality, Platt beautifully delivers the song applying his powerhouse vocals. He makes a poignant observation about our tendency to make plans for the future or to dwell on regrets from the past.

"When you are younger. You'll wish you're older."
"Then when you get older. You'll wish for time to turn around."
Lyrics from Ben Platt "Older"

Platt argues that there's no point in looking back with disappointment or looking forward with too much intent to avoid regret. All it does is making you forget to live in the moment and make the very best of the here and now. He spoke candidly with Apple Music about what inspired the song.

“I’ve had a bit of regret—maybe I should’ve been more reckless and taken more time to explore things—and then I was struck by thinking about all the different times in life where I’m either looking forward or looking backward and missing what’s happening. So I wanted to write a song that was a bit of a reminder for us to be present in the moment and not pine too much for other parts of life, because then the ones that you’re in pass too quickly.”

It's a powerful message to remember, especially in times like these. It encourages us to make the best of now with all the stress and discomfort that comes along with it. "Older" was co-written by Ben Platt, Jennifer Decilveo, Michael Pollack, and Nate Cyphert. It's taken from Platt's excellent debut album, titled Sing to Me Instead, that is filled with wonderful gems. It's one of my favorite songs of 2019 that I go back to periodically to be encouraged.

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