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Escape To The Great Outdoors With A Seven-Hour Train Ride (From Your Living Room)

While many of us just got ordered to "stay at home," I've been trying to figure out all week how to make spending required time indoors more tolerable. I know there will come a time we're used to this by finding new things to do and adjusting our expectations.

One of the ways I've been trying to cope is by bringing the beautiful outdoors to the great indoors. I stumbled on this video from Norwegian broadcaster NRK that chronicles a 7-hour train journey from Bergen to Oslo.

A camera is attached to the front of the train to give you a front-row view of the entire journey, for, yes, seven hours. It follows the track passing through snow-covered mountains, green forests, quaint little towns, and sun-sparkling lakes.

I've been watching the video on my Apple TV and use it as a screensaver. So while I'm working, I can look over my shoulder at the television and enjoy the raw beauty of the Norwegian outdoors. It has been incredibly soothing, and with 7 hours of footage, it won't get old soon.

If you're looking for more Slow TV videos to find an escape, head over to the NRK website. It features marathon-length videos of other train rides, a cruise voyage, a salmon river expedition, and many others.

Share your ways of how you're coping during the pandemic. I'm always looking for new ideas.

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