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I have said this before and I will say it again: Hoodie Allen is a true role model for all aspiring artists out there. Without the power of a major label on his side, the rapper makes music, plays shows, and developed a loyal and passionate fanbase all on his own. Artists like Macklemore and Hoodie Allen are living proof that the game of music has changed. There are different and new ways to get your music out there in front of people. Besides being a huge talent with passion and drive, he writes me in an email that "no vacation days" may be the real secret to his success. It's true. If you believe in something so passionately, it's all you can put your mind to and you'll work tirelessly to accomplish your dreams.

His latest greatest effort is the video for his new single "Show Me What You're Made Of" that is the lead single from his upcoming debut fell length album. "It's been a minute since I put anything out -- honesty feel like I've either been writing or on tour non-stop all of 2013 till now," Hoodie writes me. "I'm really excited to finally be able to give you the first piece of the puzzle."

"Show Me What You're Made Of" is a fun hip-hop romp perfect for the season. Blending clever rhymes with a solid pop hook in the chorus, the song tells Hoodie's tale of a summer fling going to the next level. "Baby let me turn you on/I'll treat you like a new iPhone," he raps. "Girl you can be a star/fuck that cuz you already are/But show me what u made of? Can you show me what u made of?" The song was written by Hoodie and produced by RJF & Parrish Warrington 

The video was inspired by Happy Gilmore, one of Hoodie's favorite videos of all time. Directed by Ariel Danziger, the video is happy ride around the golf course that not only features the legendary Tommy Lee but also Hoodie's pal DWhy. "It already makes for a pretty legendary music video as it is," he smiles. "Then to top it off, Tommy fuckin' Lee plays my drunk golf caddy." It's a whole lot of hilarity packed in a  (Listen to Hoodie Allen "Show Me What You're Made Of" on Beats Music.)