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My Ten Favorite Lyrics from Iggy Azalea's Accomplished Debut LP 'The New Classic'


Iggy Azalea released her long-awaited debut album The New Classic this week. It's a major milestone for the mediagenic MC who bought a one-way ticket from Australia to Miami, Florida at age 16 to pursue a career in music. After bouncing around the country, tackling plenty of nay-sayers and persevering against the odds, this album is nothing less than a triumph for Azalea. One of The New Classic's greatest accomplishments is that its brings hip-hop and pop fans together by combining Iggy's spitfire raps with meaningful storytelling that people everywhere can relate to.

The New Classic tells a story about the underdog - It's a story of an artist who was told time after time that she couldn't do this or that simply because it wasn't done. Iggy Azalea is a white rapper from Australia with an intense love for hip-hip who pushed ahead and broke the mold despite the skepticism she frequently faced. She did what she believed in and knew that ultimately she would get what she put her mind to.

There's a reason she has a tattoo that says "trust your struggle." The biggest learning from Iggy's experience is that if you pay your dues and stay focused, the struggle will ultimately be your biggest reward. That sentiment is threaded throughout The New Classic. It's an empowering message that makes her a role model for everyone that faces a similar struggle in their own circumstances.

Let's have a look at my ten favorite lyrics on The New Classic that bring Iggy's story to life:

Redbullet  "Hustle and the struggle is the only thing I'm trusting" (from "Work"): This track sumps up Iggy''s struggle to make her dreams come true perfectly. Line after line, she remembers where she came from and what it took to get where she's how. It's about hard work and having the courage to aim high.

Redbullet  "So I'm just climbing, pay that fine, and now I'm shining could be blinding" (from "Walk The Line"): In true hip-hop fashion, Iggy often throws around references to material possessions to make her point. Whether that's diamonds, Rolex watches or a shiny pair of Louboutins. "Walk The Line" is all about setting your goals and being ready to pay your dues to get to the top of the hill.

Redbullet  "Grow stronger and get tougher when the road gets longer" (from "Don't Need Y'All"): After landing in Miami at age 16 with a suitcase and a dream, Iggy knows like no other what it takes to survive. But she turned struggle into something positive and these lyrics from "Don't Need Y'All" are a great example of that.

Redbullet  "Have you ever wished your life would change/Woke up and you lived your dreams/Baby I could help you make that change" (from "Change Your Life"): This track can be interpreted in several different ways, but I consider it a call to action. It's Iggy's way of saying that if she can do it, you can do it too. It's a powerful message that resonates strongly with her fans.

Redbullet  "I just can't worry 'bout no haters, gotta stay on my grind" (from "Fancy"): It comes as no surprise that Iggy ran into lots of scrutiny as a white female rapper from Australia. Even though the hip-hop elite embraced her early and she was selected as an acclaimed XXL Freshman, she had to deal with a lot of criticism. But instead of letting it get to her, it made her stronger and more focused than ever.

Redbullet  "You well done and bitch I'm rare" (from "New Bitch"): Leave it up to Iggy to get clever with words. "New Bitch" is a song about a former lover finding a new chick. Iggy's not going down easy and lets the world know that she's the one who is rare in the relationship. Well-put.

Redbullet  "It gets worse before its better, that storm you gone have to weather/Either be a busted pipe or a diamond due to this pressure" (from "Impossible Is Nothing"): Iggy's metaphor of a stone turning into a diamond under pressure is one that fits right with the sentiment of this record. This is the perfect track for all of those dreamers out there with the message that their wishes can come true even when things seem bleak.

Redbullet  "Same critics wondered if I had it in me/Now want me to play friendly" (from "Goddess"): Iggy directly addresses the haters and other non-believers on "Goddess." The ones who once said she couldn't make it now want to have all of her attention. She simply tells them to bow down, because she's the Goddess now.

Redbullet  "No they thought I wouldn't make it, I'm lookin' like what's the matter?" (from "Lady Patra"): Call her Goddess or Lady Patra, the point is that Iggy is boss. This song is all about living it up and enjoying the riches that come with success with a not so veiled reference to dance hall artist Patra.

Redbullet  "You can't break my heart/You can't take my pride" (from "Fuck Love"): This track primarily tells a tale about a love gone sour , but this particular line speaks to more than one purpose. It's another example of Igyy's potent girl power that lingers throughout this album.

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