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Jennifer Lopez Previews New Album and Single at Malibu Brunch [FULL DETAILS]

Catching up with Jennifer Lopez following brunch in Malibu

Jennifer Lopez is putting the final touches on her long-awaited tenth studio album that is expected sometime later this year. The album comes at an important time for Lopez. In addition to being involved in many different television and movie projects, she's also a mother who went through a divorce in the last two years that has changed her outlook on love and live. All of those experiences have influenced her point of view on this forthcoming new album, which is shaping up to be one of her most personal to date.

"I've always sung about love," she explained at an intimate brunch event in Malibu on Friday. "It was always love in a certain way. A fairytale type of way. After everything that has happened I still believe in love, but love means something different to me now. The experiences have made me more grown." 

Lopez and her team had invited a small group of writers for an intimate brunch event at Nikita Restaurant on Friday morning to play some of her new songs and talk candidly about her new album. Sitting comfortably on a barstool in front of about 20 people at a private room overlooking the gorgeous Pacific ocean, Lopez spoke about the album and introduced each song with a little bit of background to create context.

If there are three things you really should know about Jennifer Lopez's new album, it's that it's honest, fun, and shows off different facets of her personality and the music she loves. This new record will make you move, dance and it may even give you goosebumps at time (it did for me). And with pop hitting a bit of a stalemate this summer, this new Jennifer Lopez album could not come at a better time. She's ready, pop's ready and, most importantly, the music is ready.

Lopez worked with a range of different writers and producers on this new album, including Max Martin, Harmony, Roccstar, Sia and Chantal Kreviazuk. "I've never been an artist who just does one thing," she explained. "I do pop, I do R&B, I do hip-hip, I do Latin. I'm many different things. Don't try to box me!"

The first song Lopez played for the small crowd was "Emotions." It's a track that directly relates to some of her experiences in the past two years following her divorce. It's a midtempo track that is dominated by Lopez's heartfelt delivery and poignant lyricism. "I feel good because I don't feel bad," she sings, which perfectly sums up that she's in a much better place now and has moved on from love from the past.

The next song the superstar played was her new single "First Love." Ruled by a big pop chorus and heavy percussion, it's a massive pop single that was produced by hit maker Max Martin. It's a track that has the potential to climb up the charts quickly. "First Love" is fresh, instantly infectious and very now.

The entertainers continued on that high note with "Big Booty" a bonafide pop romp that was produced by, no surprise here, Diplo. "She got the boom, shake the room," Lopez sings in the sweltering pre-chorus that leads to a mightily catchy chorus that is an irresistible earworm. Lopez explained that she really fell in love with the beat when she first heard the song. "I was driving with my twins in the back of the car and I played them 'Big Booty'," she smiles. "They sat upright immediately and caught on to the beat.

Lopez was also eager to play some unfinished material to give us a good taste for the sound on the album. "I have trouble finishing albums," she smiled. "I always want to record more and continue working on it. Like this track. I was working on it two days ago with Roccstarr, you many not know him yet, but you will soon. I love this track so much I wanted to share a snippet with you guys."

The track is titled "Actin' Like That' and it's best described as a pop song with strong hip-hop undertones. Lopez always serves up big rhythmic numbers that you can easily dance to and this new track is a perfect example of that. 

"Never Satisfied" is the next track Lopez played for us. It's a big power ballad that neatly spotlights her distinct pop vocals. In fact, Lopez sounds better than ever on this track and it's really great to hear her belt out a big tune. The last track "Let It Be Me" hits a similar emotive vein. She wrote the song with upcoming RocNation singer/songwriter Kirby Lauryen and was produced by Harmony. "It was one of those songs that I heard early on and I really wanted to record it," Lopez explained.

Following the listening session, Lopez graciously spent a little more time with her guests to take photos and chat a little more about the record. She told me she was excited to share this new music and that was particularly happy with all the collaborators on the album. I complimented her on the lyrics of the songs and Lopez gave credit to the songwriters she collaborated with to help her bring stories to life.

No release album date has been set yet but make sure to look for her new single "First Love" very soon. In the meantime, check Beats Music for an Intro to Jennifer Lopez to enjoy all of her hits from the past.

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