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Frequent readers of this blog may remember that I first alerted you about Ashworth when I posted his remixes for Gym Class Heroes ("Ass Back Home"), Neon Hitch ("Gold") and Childish Gambino ("Heartbeat") back in 2012. Since those early releases, the New York based songwriter and producer has switched up his style to further develop a unique sound of his own.

The multi-talented soundboard wizard even decided to sing his own songs to fully bring his point of view to life. His new single "God Must Be A Lonely Man" helps detail Ashworth's new musical direction. The song is stirring up a storm online and has label A&Rs salivating with excitement and interest. 

Ashworth explains in an email that his style has changed as he has grown older. I "have EDM to thank for my production chops," he writes. "I still love a great dance track, but I began to miss the music that made me a musician in the first place: classical, jazz, rock, etc. I've been trying to find the balance between synthesized and acoustic elements so I could finally express myself fully."

He adds, "On top of that, what better a way to truly express yourself in full capacity than to sing? Producing is great fun and I enjoy it so much still, but I love writing and singing as well. It's an incredible high when you put everything you have into a song."

Ashworth's inspired new pop tune "God Must Be A Lonely Man" packs a powerful message about the trappings of materialism and vanity with poignant lyrics like, "It must be so lonely/when only/you are all that’s holy." The song "stems from the human ego," the singer/producer explains. "We all know people that act and feel so 'above' everyone; like no one is, or will ever be, on their level. Many times these people are 'successful' in a financial or social sense, but many times they lack happiness, love, compassion."

"I really think it has to do with their lack of human interaction," he concludes. "When you're so above everyone, how do you relate to anyone? How do you have true friends? How do you love? How do you live?" Those are wise words from a very promising newcomer. Make sure to follow him Ashworth on Facebook and Twitter for updates about his music.