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Review: Katy Perry Premieres Video for 'Unconditionally' (Brent Bonacorso, dir.)


Even though our beloved Candy Queen can be cheeky and appropriate silly at times, there's a consistent whimsical quality to Katy Perry's imagery that paints a fantasy world for fans to escape in. The freshly-released music video for the pop superstar's new single "Unconditionally" is a perfect example of that. Following her rumble in the jungle for "Roar," Perry makes a visual one-eighty to reveal a stylish and demure music video that perfectly fits the poignant sentiment of the song.

Directed by Brent Bonacorso, the video is a beautiful montage of Vogue-worthy fashion moments that Anna Wintour would approve of. Perry's stylist Johnny Wujek dressed the pop star in Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Wes Gordon to turn Perry into a modern-day Anna Karenina to add a hint of Russian Romanticism and Tolstoy-esque naturalism to the video's immaculately-executed aesthetic. Wujek tells MTV News that he treated every scene in the video as a fashion editorial. "Each frame was its own cinematic moment," he explains. "Each dress told a story. She was beautiful and dramatic, she was strong."

Taking viewers to 19th century Russia, the video does not have one single storyline, but captures different scenes and looks that show the impact and power of unconditional love - from a bed going up in flames amidst soldier dancers to Perry's withstanding a head-on car crash. One of the video's most gorgeous moments is when Perry unleashes a flower bomb that adds color to the video's deliberately demure setting. The result is simply breathtaking, making the video for "Unconditionally" one of her finest music videos to date.

"Unconditionally" by Katy Perry
Directed by Brent Vonacorso
Produced by Thom Fennessey, Danny Lockwood, Jess Bell
Executive production by Danny Lockwood
Production company: Collaboration Factory
Director of Photography: Jack Pyland

November 20, 2013 | Permalink