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Cady Groves sings like she means it on her freshly-unveiled new track, entitled "U Can Have My Car (Inadequate Lover)," on which she vents about a love gone sour for all the wrong reasons. "I dated a gorgeous guy who sucked a lot at everything besides being good looking," Groves writes on her SoundCloud page." I guess I'm not shallow, because after dating for two weeks, I couldn't stand his insatiable desire for the material things in life." Following into the footsteps of her RCA Records label mates Pink and Kelly Clarkson, the rising pop sensation turned her bad experience into a fiery pop-rock stomper. It's the perfect antidote to all the inadequate lovers out there who care more about what you're wearing than you who is wearing it. "You can have my car but I'm going to hold on to the keys of my heart," Groves sings on the track, which sums up the sentiment of the song perfectly. It's a fun and hooky pop tune with a message that many will be able relate to.

"U Can Have My Car (Inadequate Lover)" by Cady Groves
Written by Cady Groves and Ryan Williams
Produced by Fred Eriksson