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Pop Crooner Jon Bellion Premieres New Single 'New York Soul' [Review]


Something big is brewing for emerging pop crooner Jon Bellion who we first alerted you about in 2012 when we reviewed his sublime cover of M.I.A's "Paper Planes." Since then, the Long Island native has continued to write and record new music. Earlier this year, he unveiled new songs "Ungrateful Eyes" and "One More Time" plus the independently released LP Translantions Through Speaker that caused a stir of interest online, and garnered him lots of new fans. 

One of his compositions was shared with none other than rap legend Eminem who decided to record it together with pop superstar Rihanna. The track is called "The Monster" and was delivered to digital stores today in anticipation of the release of Eminem's new album next week. Bellion is formally credited as a co-writer and producer of the song that is a massive boost forward for the mightily talented writer, producer and singer, and sets the stage for even bigger things to come.

Alongside the release of "The Monster," Bellion also premiered his own new track "New York Soul." It's a touching piano ballad that is a meaningful ode to family, friends and New York City. Bellion is a family man and now that his success is keeping him on the road a lot he decided to let the folks at home know how much they mean to him. "I see my mother on Skype/I Hear my sisters through postcards they write/Watch my niece grow through Instagram/Around the world my body will roam/But my soul's in New York," he sings poignantly. Powerful stuff. Watch this space for much more from Jon Bellion soon.

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