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Icona Pop Talk Music, Creative Process and Friendship at ARTIST#TALK in NYC

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Three years after I first blogged about Icona Pop, Caroline and Aino sat down with me for an extensive interview as guests of my ARTIST#TALK series that I produce in partnership with HP and Windows. The two rapidly-rising Swedish pop stars set time aside in their busy promo schedule this week to kick back, have a glass of wine and candidly share some stories about the making of their new LP This Is... Icona Pop with an intimate group of media guests. We are excited to share the Icona Pop world with everyone," Caroline smiled at the beginning of our interview. 

If there was one big theme to the interview, it was that the success of Icona Pop is not only a story about the triumph of great Swedish pop music, but also a story of a great friendship. Numerous times during the interview Caroline and Aino complimented each other noting that they could not have found a better mate to enjoy the group's success with. "We fell in love in a very friendship way," smiled Aino.

At one point Aino even turned to Caroline and said, "If I didn't like men, I totally would date you and we'd be so happy as a couple." Caroline laughed, "But if we were happy all the time where would we find inspiration for our music?"

After playing some new songs from the album (including "On A Roll," "Then We Kissed" and "Just Another Night) from the sleek new HP notebook/tablet Envy X2, we talked in depth about their songwriting process. The group has worked a lot with Swedish producer Elof Loevl ("Icona Pop's third member") but turned to mega producers like Stargate, Patrik Berger and Benny Blanco for some of their newer songs. "No matter who we work with, if it doesn't feel right it won't work," Caroline explained. "We work very instinctively."


"This album means so much to us," Caroline said. "It's filled with stories and memories of our lives in the last 4 years. Some bad, some good, but all very personal." While we listened to songs, the girls often would giggle and smile at each other clearly remembering the situations that triggered the songs.

Caroline adds, "One of the best things now is that the guys we wrote songs about and gave us so much heartache now avoid us when we see them out and about in Stockholm. Revenge is sweet!"

One member in the audience asked what their favorite karaoke song is. "Sisqo's 'Thong Song,'" they said in unison that was followed by a little sing-a-along of that classic tune.  

The duo also emphasized the importance of bloggers and fans who have supported the group from very early on. It was flattering to hear how much the support of yours truly has meant to the group as well. "Arjan, you were there from day one!" Caroline told me. "I remember how excited we were when you first wrote about us. That really meant so much to us." Amazing!

I love Icona Pop and so should you. This Is... Icona Pop is one of the finest pop records of 2013 that beautifully captures the group's bittersweet brand of pop. (Thank you Icona Pop for making time to join me as a guest, all my fellow blogger and writers who attended, and my friends at HP and Microsoft for producing such another great event last night.


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