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Review: Martin Kierszenbaum Unveils New Single 'Imagine Us' [First Listen]


Following the chart success of "Come Back From San Francisco" and "One & Only," the multi-talented Martin Kierszenbaum today unveils his brand-new "Imagine Us," a lush and delightful pop gem that is perfect fare for the final days of summer. "Imagine us like we never thought about it (. . .) We didn't have think about love because it just flowed," Kierszenbaum sings in the song's sun-soaked middle eight that sums up the sentiment of the song perfectly.

Kierszenbaum is most certainly no stranger to pop aficionados among you. To the uninitiated, Kierszenbaum is a GRAMMY nominated songwriter and producer who also heads up Cherrytree Records, the leading pop alternative label that is the home to artists like Feist, Sting, Ellie Goulding, Robyn, Disclosure, Natalia Kills, Jessie Ware and many others.

Many of you will also know Kierszenbaum from his Cherry Cherry Boom Boom production and songwriting moniker that Lady Gaga name checked in the intro of The Fame's "Eh Eh," a song that he co-wrote and produced for the pop superstar (along with other tracks on the classic album that celebrates its fifth anniversary this month).

Like I have written before, what makes Kierszenbaum different from other music industry executives is that he is first and foremost a musician who relates to artists as one of them. He speaks their language and is very hands on when it comes to supporting their craft.

He explained to me previously that he's releasing his own music (independently from Cherrytree Records and his work at Interscope) to satisfy some of his creative urges. "I hadn't written a song for my voice in a while," Kierszenbaum told me earlier. "I'd mostly been writing for others (. . .) But, I love singing and I just felt like singing a couple of my favorite songs. So, I did. And, that led to deciding to write an original one."

Pop music has been a genre that he has been particularly fond of. "I love pop music and I think one of the reasons I love pop is because it's influenced by every genre of music. I just love good music," Kierszenbaum said. "I can get off on a Gamelon piece, hip hop record, sonata or a Merengue song if they're moving. I like to express myself musically in all kinds of ways but one of my favorites is via pop music for sure."

Enjoy "Imagine Us" in the player below while we await patiently what Kierzenbaum cooks up next to further outfit his ever-expanding Cherrytreedom.

"Imagine Us" by Martin Kierszenbaum
Words & music by Martin Kierszenbaum
Produced by Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum
Engineered by Tony Ugval
Mixed by Robert Orton at Hot Rocks Studios 

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