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Review: Jason Derulo Premieres New Single 'Marry Me'


Hot on the heels of his international radio smash "The Other Side," Jason Derulo unveils his much-anticipated follow up single "Marry Me" today that is taken from his forthcoming third studio album Tattoos. "Marry Me" neatly shows off Derulo's vocal chops and poignant songwriting savvy. It's a heartfelt, hook laden and soaring melodic ballad with a proper stomp that drives home the key message of the song. Jason is madly, deeply in love and he wants the entire world to know. "How many girls can make me feel like this/I don't plan to find out/You're the love of my life."

The singer has been dating American Idol winner Jordin Sparks for the past two years and even though he has not confirmed what exactly inspired the lyrics of "Marry Me," it's pretty darn obvious that this is a song about Jordin and their special relationship. I recently saw Jason perform a showcase at the Warner Bros. Records offices in Burbank, CA and during his performance of "It Girl" he asked Jordin to come on stage so he could serenade her. It was such a real and personal moment they shared so candidly with everyone. (Side note: "Marry Me" was co-written and produced by Jonas Jeberg who also produced Jordin Sparks' "One Step At A Time.")

When I interviewed Jason for Beats TV a couple of months ago, I was impressed by his focus, vision and the detail he shared about the brand of pop he wants to share with the world. He's a rising force in pop music and I'm really glad he has opted to follow "The Other Side" with a ballad to show off a different side of him. Part of creating a hit album is telling a compelling and relatable story, and "Marry Me" helps to tell Jason's story for Tattoos. Without going in full detail (yet), I have heard other tracks from Tattoos that are still under wraps, but if you're a pop fan, I'm confident you're going to be very pleasantly surprised by Jason's new record.

Tattoos is a very personal album for Jason Derulo. The title of the new album is inspired by months of rehabilitation during the recording process after suffering a freak accident while preparing for his Future History World Tour in 2012. "Life altering experiences are like tattoos stuck to you for life," he explains. "Some are more painful than others, some may be ugly so we wish we could undo them. Some may be so beautiful that we want to share them with the world. But they're all part of the art that makes you who you are." (Jason Derulo's Tattoos will be released on September 24 via Warner Bros. Records. You can download "Marry Me" on iTunes now.)

"Marry Me" by Jason Derulo (Warner Bros. Records)
Written by Jason Derulo, Jonas Jeberg, “Hookman” Marlin Bonds, Andy Marvel
Produced by Jonas Jeberg for Big Noize Productions 

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