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Monsieur Adi Unveils Official Remix for Beyonce 'Grown Woman' [First Listen]


Monsieur adds his touch of brilliance to Beyonce's "Grown Woman" with his spectacular remix of the track that he unveiled on SoundCloud today. Long-time readers of this blog are no stranger to Adi's phenomenal work that includes both original gems and revamps of other people's music. His remix for Beyonce is one of his biggest to date that will surely raise Adi's profile and get the global attention he deserves. On his remake of "Grown Woman," Adi does what Adi does best. Without straying too far from the the superstar's original, the fashion designer-turned-soundboard maven turns the track into a bona fide dance floor sensation by flavoring it with a stomping new synth groove, propulsive string section and a buzzing bassline. Highly recommended. (Now we are just left to wonder if the global superstar herself signed off on this official remix. We hope she did, enjoying it as much as we do.)

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Pop Newcomer Becky G Releases 'Play It Again' EP [Review]


Pop newcomer Becky G is a bona fide triple threat. She sings, she raps and she infuses her performance with an infectious dose of charisma that reaches far beyond the YouTube channel where she started her career. This week, the 16 year-old Los Angelena released her impressive debut EP, aptly-titled Play It Again, that neatly highlights all of her unique sensibilities her that make her one of the most exciting new forces in pop to reckon with.

Becky is signed to Kemosabe/RCA Records that is the Sony Music Entertainment imprint founded by iconic hitmaker Dr. Luke that is also the home of Ke$ha, Sabi and fellow pop newcomers G.R.L. Hailing from the Inglewood section of Los Angeles, Becky was discovered by the production team The Jam and began working with them and releasing YouTube performance videos.

Luke signed Becky after viewing a YouTube clip of her swaggering her way through an original rap set to "Otis" (watch here) from Jay-Z and Kanye West's album Watch The Throne. "I first saw her on her cover of 'Otis' on the internet and was blown away by her single take/single camera performance," Dr Luke explains in a press release. "When I met her a few days later, I was further blown away that she was a great singer and an accomplished guitar player."

Born and raised in a bilingual household, Becky G is also in a unique position to take over the pop world as one of the very few young role models for American-Mexican teens (or teens at heart for that matter). In her music and performance, she sprinkles proud references to her Mexican heritage while conveying a message of empowerment that you can make it against the odds no matter where you came from or what language you speak.

With the help of Dr. Luke (who is an executive producer on her project), Becky has been working with a slew of hitmakers in recent months to work on songs for her debut LP including the legendary Max Martin, Cirkut, The Cataracs, Ammo Pro, Billboard and The Jam. Fans got a taste of Becky's straight up rhymes and passionate flow when she released "Play It Again" earlier this year.

Becky's new EP includes four new tracks that help detail her sonic point of view and the unique brand of pop she's sharing with the world. The EP opens with "Play It Again" in which Becky tells us loud and clear that she's ready to break the mold. "I don’t blend in/I'm a black sheep," she spits. "Now watch me do my thing/Do my thing out on the stage/I become an animal, go and put me in a cage/I'm a beast, I'm a beast."

That opening tune is followed by "Can't Get Enough" that features Miami hot man Pitbull. It's an instant hit with its galloping groove and radio-ready, air-tight chorus that is the type of top 40 fare that radio programmers everywhere will salivate over. Becky and Pitbull bond over their Latin roots in the song's middle eight when they harmonize and (almost literally) spit fire, "Tenemos fuego/Quiere fuego/Le dales fuego" ("We have fire, want fire, you give them fire").

"Built For This" is a flaming electro-pop-rap concoction that is the perfect backdrop for Becky's spit and shine. "Zoomin' Zoomin'" packs an equally potent buzzing groove plus a richly melodic chorus that is nothing short of glorious.

The EP concludes with "Lovin' What You Do," a mid-tempo pop ballad with a mightily infectious "uuh-ooh-aah" sing-along bit and big, saucy synths that should have pop fans everywhere swaying along the moment the needle hits. "We don't care what they say/We'll be all right," Becky sings that perfectly sums up her happy-go-lucky attitude to life. (Listen to Becky G Play It Again on SoundCloud or grab it on iTunes.)

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Wallpaper. Makes History, Records First-Ever Music Video with Google Glass

Wallpaper. has a lot to celebrate this month. He's not only releasing his much-anticipated debut album, titled Ricky Reed Is Real, next week Tuesday, he's also stirring up a storm on the current Van's Warped Tour, plus he got to toy around with some cutting-edge new technology that the entire planet is buzzing about. 

He acquired a Google Glass device at the beginning of the Van's Warped Tour and decided to record a music video with.Google Glass is a nifty "wearable computer" that allows people that wear the device to browse the web, send text messages, get directions, record video and do many other thing to simplify their daily life.

Wallpaper. writes me that after a few days of practicing with Google Glass, he used it to record a music video for "Last Call" on stage in Phoenix, AZ. It's the very first music video to ever be recorded with Google Glass so Wallpaper. pushes the frontier and makes music history with this very special project. It's the perfect kick off to his album release next week.

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Hot New Talent Alert: Listen to Raleigh Ritchie 'In Too Deep' [First Listen]

Raleigh Ritchie in Leeds (source)

Very little is known about Raleigh Ritchie, but the music of this mightily talented soul pop crooner speaks volumes. He was first noted by industry insiders when he quietly released "Stay Inside" and "A Moor" on SoundCloud last month that created a stir of interest. Kendrick Lamar received word about Ritchie as well and invited the young singer to join him as a special guest on his U.K. tour last week.

Today, Ritchie unveiled the brand-new "In Too Deep" that gives us a few more clues about his incredibly soulful brand of pop. The song combines Ritchie's classic storytelling chops with fresh, contemporary production stylings that is incredibly compelling. Lost and in love, Ritchie sings, "You promised if we drown we drown together/Out into the deep blue/I'm into deep/When I need you most you are gone/Deep blue see will you take me home?/The sea is unforgiving/I want to be on land with the living."

"In Too Deep" is particular pretty when Ritchie seamlessly segues from the first verse into the chorus around the 40 second mark. Raleigh Ritchie is an artist to keep your eye and ear on in the months to come. Highly recommended. (Thanks Ike Adler for the heads up.)

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Watch Ellie Goulding Perform 'I Need Your Love' Live On Her Tour Bus [VIDEO]


Billboard features a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at Ellie Goulding's current tour with Bruno Mars. The trek is taking her to dozens of cities around North America for the next 2 months. Looking rested and relaxed, Goulding shows us around her tour bus (a pretty darn fancy roller), and sits down with the music mag to candidly discuss the special relationship she has with her band and dedicated team that assists her along the way. 

Ellie introduces us to her personal assistant who keeps her schedule, her tour manager who oversees her travel and musical director Joe Clegg who is also the long-time drummer in her band (together with Chris Ketley, Maxwell Cooke and Simon Francis). "Being a music director is a fun position," Clegg explains. "It's almost like I'm in charge of storytelling, but it's a story that's not written. So you take a melody or a song and I make sure Ellie is absolutely in love with how it sounds live."

The singer talks in the video about the special relationship with her bandmates with whom she has been touring for many years. "It's weird because my band are now also my best friends," she says. "I spent so much time with them. I worked solidly for the past four years and I've been with them so often that we have a very special bond together."

Clegg also looks back at the time when he just started touring with Ellie years prior to her global chart success. They would load up a small van and drive from city to city for shows with only a handful of people. "Now, we come to the stage and we play huge shows," he says. Ellie agrees and adds, "I feel I'm in such a good place now and I have such an exciting year coming up."

Following the Q&A, Ellie performs a very special acoustic version of "I Need Your Love" (her collaboration with Calvin Harris) that she performs with her trusted bandmates Chris Ketley (left) and Maxwell Cooke (right). The song is rapidly gaining momentum on top 40 radio in the U.S. and will soon be followed by the equally potent "Burn." (Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding "I Need Your Love" is available in the U.S. now via Cherrytree Records.)

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