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Review: Natalia Kills Combines Style with Substance in Video for 'Problem'


Leave it up to Natalia Kills to stir up the status quo with a stomping new tune and a stylish new video that reminds us exactly why we are such fans of Kills in the first place. The pop provocateur raises the temperature and ups the bar in the freshly unveiled video for "Problem" that was directed by Kills herself.

True to form, Kills combines style with substance in the video and brings the song's hyper-sexual lyrics to life in an explicit yet tasteful manner. The singer is clearly on a mission and teases the object of her desire with lyrics like,"I got your name hanging from my chain/Don’t you wanna claim/My body like a vandal/You got the cure/Underneath your shirt." The video shows footage of Kills performing the song that is interspersed with scenes of her getting comfy in a motel bed, roaming around a convenience store and creating a ruckus in the streets of Los Angeles.

Kills tells Elle.com that the styling of video was inspired by her own experience of living in Los Angeles. "I basically reenact my first few years in Hollywood when I lived in run-down motels and had no money at all," she smiles. "And I used to kill time by doing 'bad stuff' and making out with my boyfriend while looking like a glamorous degenerate. I had no money and caused all kinds of problems, but those days were the best."

Downtown Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop for the gritty girl anthem that gives us a taste of Kills forthcoming new LP, entitled Trouble, that maintains her strong point of view but unveils a grittier sound with early '80s new wave-ish pop influences.

In an interview with Natalia Daily she refers to her new music as "girl interrupted pop." "In almost every song i’m confessing to something bad in my past," she says. "Stalking my ex boyfriend, trying to set fire to the house with us both in it, getting taken away by the police, visiting my dad in jail, leaving home at 15, making out with boys i’d never met before and running away to Paris."

The object of Kills wild affection in the video for "Problem" is model Adonis Bosso. "We first met several years ago in Montreal, and then re-met at a boring but glamorous party in New York, where I was overdressed and horribly bored," Kills remembers. "He was walking down the catwalk at a fashion show, and when we were chatting afterwards, I fell in love with his face! He is beauty."

She adds, "Nothing is more important than when you see someone for the first time, and you get that feeling where you can't move or speak or do anything until you know that person and take a sense of who they are with you. And, yes, he's an excellent kisser." (Natalia Kills "Problem" is available on iTunes now. Also, check out some behind-the-scenes photography of the "Problem" video shoot here.)

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