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A Few Words about Disclosure's 'Settle' and Why It's Awesomely Brilliant


What makes Disclosure's debut LP "Settle" so awesomely brilliant is that packs up three decades of dance music in one cohesive effort that sounds incredibly fresh and fits almost every occasion. With its finely-tuned soulful grooves and silky, synth-based soundscapes, the bulk of the record is inspired by mid-nineties deep house, but Disclosure gives it a poppy twist that makes it so darn infectious and oh-so-very accessible to the masses. 

The LP demonstrates that brothers Guy and Howard are not only inventive soundboard wizards but also gifted songwriters who have a deep understanding of melody. It's not often that you find that quality wrapped in one, expansive body of work. Deep house has made a solid comeback in the U.K. and with this impressive debut effort, chances are that U.S. audiences will get quickly hooked as well.

It's been an exciting ride for the two brothers who released their first single ("Offline Dexterity") in 2010 and returned in 2012 with "Tenderly," "Flowing" and their cross-over sensation "Latch." The duo's rise to fame should not come as a big surprise Disclosure grew up in Surrey, England in a family where everyone was playing music. Their mother made radio jingles, their father played in bands, their grandparents were in orchestras.

Both Howard and Guy studied music production at college. But, surprisingly, until they started writing music together, neither of them had any interest in dance. Older brother Guy grew up playing the drums in bands and listening to hip-hop. "We didn't know the back catalogue of electronic music until we started making it," he explains in a press release.

It all changed when Guy turned 18 in 2009 and they started going to clubs all over London. It was like a quick study in everything dance. "I started to realise dance music didn't have to be huge wobbling basslines," Guy explains. "It could be actually quite, you know, nice."  

"Settle" is a whole lotta nice and more. It's a seminal dance album that house aficionados will cherish for years to come and properly introduces a new generation of EDM fans to a sound that has been undervalued for too long. (Click here to listen to Disclosure "Settle.")

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