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Interview: Special Features Talks About His Ellie Goulding 'Only You' Remix


Special Features specializes in crafting remixes that are intensely melodic, deeply emotive and pack heaps of energy. His massive new remix of Ellie Goulding's "Only You" is a perfect example. He boosts the emotional intensity of Ellie's original by adding a splashy kickdrum, a driving bassline and a soaring new synth line that brings cheer to Goulding's transparently raw lyrics. Special Features' remake of "Only You" is without a doubt an anthem-in-the-waiting that is already firing up SoundCloud.

The British dance music producer (born Eden Anderson) writes me that he was very excited about remixing the track for Ellie. "I had a choice of which song from the album to remix," he writes me. "As soon as I heard 'Only You' I knew it was the one I wanted to take on. The main elements I picked up on were the great vocal hooks and lyrical content."

"I worked a melody around the vocals and things just progressed from there. Ellie has a really unique vocal style that stands out and has a lot of character. These are great factors when it comes to making dance music." He adds enthusiastically, "Seeing Ellie posting my remix on Facebook and Twitter was a great feeling. Its been amazing to have her support on the track."

Special Features' remix of "Only You" is a perfect tastemaker for more new work from him to come. "I have a number of cool remixes coming soon that I can't wait for people to hear," he writes. "Look out for some cool original tracks too." If you enjoy this Ellie Goulding remix, make sure to check out Special Features' current single "Illusions" (Atlantic/Big Beat) that is starting to make waves and is available on Beatport now.

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