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A Few Words About Sirah and Why She's One of Music's Next Big Things


There's no doubt in my mind that Sirah is one of the most promising and exciting new artists to emerge on the scene this year. She's a rapidly rising star who serves up a fresh new sound and unique point of view that is the result of bold musical experimentations and years of hard work.

The year started out on a high note for Sirah who received a GRAMMY earlier this month for her collaboration with Skrillex on "Bangarang." The two L.A. pals received the coveted golden statue for Best Dance Recording. (Here's some backstage footage of Skrillex and Sirah backstage answering questions in the media room, including one from yours truly.)

Signed mid-last year to Pulse/Atlantic Records, Sirah is hardly a new face on the scene. In fact, she has been writing music and performing shows for over eight years with the support of her peers like Yung Skeeter, She Wants Revenge's Justin Warfield, Matt Squire, Dim Mak's Alvin Risk and others. She also zigzagged around the country on Vans Warped Tour for a few year that garnered her a loyal following of fans.

After intially starting out as a traditional hip hop artist, Sirah dabbled for a moment in pop with tracks like "Double Yellow Lines" that we first blogged about back in 2011. "I feel like I really came into my own and found what it was I wanted to do musically about three years ago," she tells in a recent interview with Stage Underground. "I'd been an 'underground' rapper for four or five years, I knew I wanted to branch out and work with a different medium."

She adds, "I didn’t know what that meant at the time but I found my producer Mighty Mike and we started making pop based, melodic, singy rap, it was the same me, just a different side with happier music."

All of her sonic experimentations and collaborations led to an innovative, electro-edged hip pop sound that is confident, radio-savvy and has the potential to go far and wide. Most importantly, despite her slick new sound, Sirah's songwriting and punchy delivery maintains her daring, independent spirit that makes her such a striking and genuine talent.

Her new single "My City" is solid proof of that. "What glimmers ain't always gold/I'm a diamond in the rough/Coal under a lot of pressure, came out well enough," she spits on top of jagged electro beats, a message that sums up her humble roots and artistic viewpoint perfectly. Check out the freshly-unveiled video for the song below. (Download Sirah "C.U.L.T. Too Young To Die" on iTunes now.)

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