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Colette Carr Talks About New Video 'Why Are You Leaving' featuring Far East Movement's Kev Nish [Interview]

1-24-2013 3-47-34 PM

Hot on the heels of her action-packed new EP, Colette Carr unveiled the video for her brand new single "Why Are You Leaving" earlier today. The song features Far East Movement's Kev Nish and is taken from "Skitszo Part 2," the second installment of Carr's four digital EP series that features releases every two months until the release of her full debut album "Skitszo" on July 9. 

The contrasting aesthetic of the video for "Why Are You Leaving" perfectly captures the heartbreaking sentiment of the song. Filmed in downtown Los Angeles, the video shows footage of Carr walking down the city's gritty streets while animated street art adds a dose of color to the somber scenery. "I completely saw the scene in my head when I worked on the song," Carr tells me. "When we talked about the treatment I thought it would be really to cool to have street art featured as well. I wanted the street art to move to make the point that everything was alive except for how I was feeling."

Carr adds, "We really wanted to create visuals that represented the hook of the song. There's for example one scene in the video where a girl lets go of a balloon. It represents the idea of 'Why Are You Leaving' in a certain way. She lets go of the balloon but she doesn't want it to go. In the end, I think it is a very visually soothing video. Plus, kids that aren't from LA are going to see another side of Los Angeles as well."

Working with Kev Nish on "Why Are You Leaving" came very naturally to Carr. "[Far East Movement and I] have toured together in the past," she explains. "Kev and I are around each other often and our creative energies click really well. We have a lot of similarities but mostly I'm attracted to how much I learn when I'm with him."

"He helped me write on a song that is coming out on Part 3 of 'Skitszo' and I learned so much from that," she explains. "He's been doing it so much longer than me. He makes sense to me, he puts so much intelligence into what he does. It's not an accident that he makes people dance." (Download "Skitso Part 1" and "Skitso Part 2" on iTunes.)

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