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Any DJ will tell you that there's not one simple formula to crafting a great remix. Remixes come in all shapes and sizes, and good ones will put a unique twist on a track that lets you experience it in a completely new way. Certain songs, however, pack all the components that will make it a little easier for a producer to reimagine and revamp an original. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom's new single "One And Only" is one of those songs that I'm sure remixers love to get their hands on. It's dominated by an upbeat and crisp production, packs a hooky melody and has a timeless quality to it.

Hot on the heels of an action-packed remix EP (including a banging remix by Dutch soundboard maestro R3hab), "One And Only" now gets a very accomplished remix treatment from Los Angeles outfit Betablock3r. They steer Cherry Cherry Boom Boom's original slightly left field without straying too far from what makes the song so terrific in the first place. Betablock3r gives the song a bit of an indie disco vibe with a funked up groove, a bouncy bassline, gentle vocal sampling and shimmering synths that make this remix one to keep. 

As I wrote earlier, "One And Only" is an original track that Cherry Cherry Boom Boom wrote, performed and produced. The song was engineered by Tony Ugval and mixed by three-time GRAMMY winner Robert "Hitmixer" Orton who recently mixed tracks for Carly Rae Jepsen and Nikki Williams. "I hadn't written a song for my voice in a while," Cherry Cherry Boom Boom told me. "I'd mostly been writing for others. But, I love singing and I just felt like singing a couple of my favorite songs. So, I did.  And, that led to deciding to write an original one." (Click here to download "One & Only" remixes.)