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Like a true artist, Anouk doesn't shy away from taking a bit of risk once in a while. In fact, her music is fueled by her ongoing quest to challenge herself creatively, to think out of the box and to surprise fans with new musical projects that are different than the ones she worked on before. Her new single "Stardust" is an excellent example of that. The track is taken from her forthcoming new LP, entitled "Sad Singalong Songs," that will be released on May 17.

After the gritty pop-rock of 2011's "To Get Her Together,' the Dutch superstar veers left field on "Stardust" that shows a gentler and more delicate side of her. The retro-styled tune is introduced by the sound of a departing train that accentuates the deeper meaning of Anouk's lyrics (and also hints at the LP's overall theme). "Come on love/I'm telling you/I won't be far," Anouk sings, combining hope and vulnerability, and asking her lover to shine his light on her darkness. "You will be the one making my dreams come true."

The effortless shimmer of the song's verses are amplified by a glorious, sunburst chorus filled with soaring, even whimsical, strings that is absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything Anouk has ever served up before. "Some days when I wake before the sunrise/Dreaming/Wishing I could hope at times/That you might never have to live without me," she candidly shares.

On a related note, Anouk will be representing The Netherlands at the 2013 Eurovision Song Festival that is even more proof that the singer likes to shake things up and surprise people. Until then, make sure to download and enjoy this terrific new "Stardust." Highly recommended.

 Anouk "Stardust' [MP3]