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A Few Words About Sia and Her Incredible Cover of Rihanna's 'Diamonds' (And Why She Deserves to Win a GRAMMY)


It's an understatement to say that Sia has had one of the best years ever. The Australian singer/songwriter has made a lasting impact on pop music in 2012 with her songwriting efforts for Ne-Yo ("Let Me Love You"), Flo Rida ("Wild Ones"), Rihanna ("Diamonds"), Christina Aguilera ("Blank Page"), David Guetta ("Titanium" and "She Wolf") and Nikki Williams ("Kill F**k Marry") just to name a few. In fact, I'm anxiously hoping that The Recording Academy will recognize Sia's contribution to pop music this year and award "Titanium" with either a Best Dance Recording nomination or a Song of The Year nod. The latter would be historic as it would be the first time an EDM track would be up for award consideration in GRAMMY category #3.

At an event of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in New York City yesterday, Norwegian production duo Stargate were being lauded by their fellow Norwegians and received a Norwegian-American Achievement Award. Sia and Stargate have forged a special relationship over the last couple of years, and the songstress was invited to the event to perform a Stargate-produced track. Dressed in a Christian Siriano gown, Sia chose to perform Rihanna's global smash "Diamonds" that she co-wrote together with Stargate and soundboard maestro Benny Blanco.

I wrote earlier that Sia's fingerprints are clearly all over Rihanna's version of "Diamonds." I wouldn't be surprised if Sia was in the studio with the pop star and coached her to give that memorable "shine bright like a diamond" a bit of a quirky delivery to help anchor the chorus. Check out the video of Sia's rendition of "Diamonds" below and becomes obviously clear how instrumental she was to the final production of the song.

Sia doesn't often talk about her songwriting process, but in a recent YouTube chat she explained that she's hardly influenced by other people's songs. "I don't get feelings from music unless it hits a certain note with me," she explains. "There's only a few voices that have a tone that reaches me. There's not many of those singers. Sometimes chord progressions will move me but it's rare."

For Sia writing a melody or topline truly is about baring her soul that is best described as her state of sanity. "[When I write] is the only time the squirrels stop talking," she smiles. "There are no thoughts in my head. I'm just channeling or something. Everytime I sing a song, I don't feel it, but I feel some sort of release, because singing for me is basically shouting. In a sense it's a soul barf, getting s**t out and be able to physically get rid of it so everytime I write a song, I feel a release."

It's a fascinating insight into the magically creative world of Sia that is the reason she is writing hit after hit after hit, which doesn't seem to slow down anytime soon. More collaborations I'm sure are in the works and I'm crossing my fingers The Recording Academy GRAMMY will have a special suprise for her when nominations are announced next week Wednesday.

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