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Outasight Premieres New Single 'I'll Drink To That' [Review]


I just stumbled on a potent new pop track that may very well rule the pop charts and radio airwaves in the next few months to come. I'm referring to Outasight's terrific new single, entitled "I'll Drink To That," that is loaded with heaps of positivity and a powerful melodic hook that is quite frankly too irrisisitble to be denied. The single comes hot on the heels of Outasight's platinum success with "Tonight Is The Night" that captures the same live-in-the-moment sentiment that also fuels "I'll Drink To That."

"I'll Drink To That" is taken from Outasight's debut LP "Nights Like These" that will be released next week and also includes "Now & Never" and "Shine." This new single perfectly helps to further detail Outasight's developing brand of pop that is inspired by real-life experiences and proves that there's a whole lot more to him then a pair of Wayfarer shades and his knack for delivering a killer chorus.

Musically, Outsight’s sound is rooted in hip hop on his debut LP, but the singer/songwriter has gone beyond that and presents an amalgamation of different shades of pop. The album is the culmination of a long grind that began with a handful of self-released mixtapes, starting with 2007’s "Employee of the Year" and 2008’s "Radio New York," which landed him on MySpace’s homepage, led to an MTVU Freshman award and ultimately garnered him a record deal.

Every song on "Nights Like These" pays homage to the big-dreaming outsider Outasight once was when he was growing up, writing music and gigging all over New York state. "I think music needs honesty,” the singer says about his music. "It’s always awesome when authentic shit cuts through the b.s. Every song on this album comes from a real place and a real moment."

Co-written by Samuel, "I'll Drink To That" uses New York City as metaphorical backdrop to tell a story about chasing your dreams no matter what obstacle you may run into. This certainly rings true for Outasight. "I had a lot of low points—my parents were pissed at me for dropping out of college, I was broke as a joke, making crap money, just fighting to survive," he says.

"[This record] is about me telling my story," he adds. "And if I can tell the story of not just myself, but of all the people who have to fight for everything they’ve got—then I might be on to something." "I'll Drink To That" perfectly captures that sentiment and wraps it in a catchy, indie-styled production that will likely linger around for a good long while. Highly recommended.

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