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Listen to Betty Who 'Somebody Loves You' [Exclusive Premiere]

Betty Who 2012

Hotly-tipped newcomer Betty Who brings on the good feelings and the good times on her poptastic new single "Somebody Loves You." The song was produced by up and comer Peter Thomas who recently also collaborated with Hoodie Allen and Neon Hitch. None other than Greg Calbi (Foster The People, Passion Pit) added some of his spit and shine to the final mastering of the track.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia and currently living in Boston, Betty Who brings a distinct point of view to the pop scene that is inspired by everything pop. She mentions artists like Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald and Michael Jackson as some of her inspirations, but she also has a fine appreciation for the sweet and sleek pop of fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue.

Following the online success of her previous single "Fire With Fire," the massively hooky "Somebody Loves You" unveils more of Betty Who's developing brand of sunshine pop that combines splashy melodies, a dancefloor-savvy groove and her warming vocals. The song's entire production is anchored by a glorious chorus that is, quite frankly, too irresistible to be denied and will earworm itself right into your head - whether you want it or not.

Despite its feel-good and sparkly overtones, "Somebody Loves You" was initially inspired by the tragic passing of Whitney Houston on the eve of the 54th GRAMMY Awards in February. "We were writing it the week she had passed away and were feeling inspired by her," Betty tells me.

She adds, "The lyrics came really quickly following that. This song is about trying to get somebody to understand that you are totally and wholeheartedly in love with them; that you are the person who falls asleep every night thinking about them." The sentiment of the song sure is appropriate as pop fans should expect to fall madly, deeply and totally in love with Betty Who and this terrrific new "Somebody Loves You." (Betty Who "Somebody Loves You" is available for download on SoundCloud and her Facebook Page tomorrow)

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A Few Words About Sia and Her Incredible Cover of Rihanna's 'Diamonds' (And Why She Deserves to Win a GRAMMY)


It's an understatement to say that Sia has had one of the best years ever. The Australian singer/songwriter has made a lasting impact on pop music in 2012 with her songwriting efforts for Ne-Yo ("Let Me Love You"), Flo Rida ("Wild Ones"), Rihanna ("Diamonds"), Christina Aguilera ("Blank Page"), David Guetta ("Titanium" and "She Wolf") and Nikki Williams ("Kill F**k Marry") just to name a few. In fact, I'm anxiously hoping that The Recording Academy will recognize Sia's contribution to pop music this year and award "Titanium" with either a Best Dance Recording nomination or a Song of The Year nod. The latter would be historic as it would be the first time an EDM track would be up for award consideration in GRAMMY category #3.

At an event of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in New York City yesterday, Norwegian production duo Stargate were being lauded by their fellow Norwegians and received a Norwegian-American Achievement Award. Sia and Stargate have forged a special relationship over the last couple of years, and the songstress was invited to the event to perform a Stargate-produced track. Dressed in a Christian Siriano gown, Sia chose to perform Rihanna's global smash "Diamonds" that she co-wrote together with Stargate and soundboard maestro Benny Blanco.

I wrote earlier that Sia's fingerprints are clearly all over Rihanna's version of "Diamonds." I wouldn't be surprised if Sia was in the studio with the pop star and coached her to give that memorable "shine bright like a diamond" a bit of a quirky delivery to help anchor the chorus. Check out the video of Sia's rendition of "Diamonds" below and becomes obviously clear how instrumental she was to the final production of the song.

Sia doesn't often talk about her songwriting process, but in a recent YouTube chat she explained that she's hardly influenced by other people's songs. "I don't get feelings from music unless it hits a certain note with me," she explains. "There's only a few voices that have a tone that reaches me. There's not many of those singers. Sometimes chord progressions will move me but it's rare."

For Sia writing a melody or topline truly is about baring her soul that is best described as her state of sanity. "[When I write] is the only time the squirrels stop talking," she smiles. "There are no thoughts in my head. I'm just channeling or something. Everytime I sing a song, I don't feel it, but I feel some sort of release, because singing for me is basically shouting. In a sense it's a soul barf, getting s**t out and be able to physically get rid of it so everytime I write a song, I feel a release."

It's a fascinating insight into the magically creative world of Sia that is the reason she is writing hit after hit after hit, which doesn't seem to slow down anytime soon. More collaborations I'm sure are in the works and I'm crossing my fingers The Recording Academy GRAMMY will have a special suprise for her when nominations are announced next week Wednesday.

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Listen to Frankmusik 'Shores' (Demo)


I have said this before and I will say this again (and again). Vincent Frank is one of the finest vocalists and composers on the pop scene who has the ability to capture complex emotions and turn those into timelessly hooky pop tunes. His brand-new "Shores" is a perfect example of that. It's a demo track that Frank uploaded to his SoundCloud just moments ago and is without a doubt one of the grandest ballads he has ever recorded. It's one of those rare tunes that sends spills up your spine, may invoke a tear or two and hits you right at the core.

The fact that this track is just a demo is perfect, because its "unpolished" qualities perfectly amplify its deeply emotional undertones. Raw and tender, the British singer pours out his heart and shares a very personal story about trying to cope with a love gone lost. "Baby, there's nothing we can mend/And I see your name/In every little thing that I do," he sings, supported by gorgeous piano melody. "If walls could speak, they'd be crashing down on me/Flying to the moon would have been so much easier/Than giving something like your heart to me/I'll never forget for how I treated." Powerful stuff.

This demo of "Shores" follows the release of Frank's new single "Fast As I Can" that he released to iTunes earlier this month. It's a promising comeback for the young, LA-based artist who took some time off after the release of "Do It In The AM" album in 2011 to focus on writing and producing pop for others. He also produced for hip hop artist SRH that demonstrated once again his tastes and abilities range far and wide. Good to have you back Frank! (Click here to download Frankmusik "Fast As I Can" on iTunes.)

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Pop Duo Timeflies Unveils Video for New Single 'One Night'

Following the success of their independent mixtape EP "Under The Influence," hotly-tipped Boston pop duo Timeflies today unveils their new EP, entitled "One Night." The group is known for covering other people's songs on YouTube, but on this new EP they present their own songwriting including their new single "One Night." It's a sweet little tastemaker for the group's genre-mashing brand of pop that combines pop, hip hop and dance. "One Night" is a great example of the duo's pop sensibilities with its delicate intro that slowly builds and bursts into a hook-laden, raving chorus.

Timeflies is the duo of producer Rex and vocalist Cal Shapiro who first started working together while attending college at at Tufts University right outside of Boston. "Rex started a six piece funk band," Shapiro explains in an interview. "He heard me freestyling at a party and was like, “Yo, come sing with my funk band. So I came down, we did a rehearsal, and next thing we know we were playing gigs and won battle of the bands and were opening for Asher Roth and Ludacris."

An early inspiration of their popular Timeflies Tuesday was their play with beats, samples and surprise rhymes during college parties. "Rex would write some stuff for me," Call explains. "We recorded some 'joke tracks' and then when he was DJ'ing parties, he would slip them in in the middle of really hot songs, then we would see if the room was like 'What the f*ck?' or if they were dancing."

The group adds that sampling other people's songs has been a good way to kickstart their creativity. "You find something and work on it and when you make it better than the original then you’re like oh thats phat," Rex concludes. But their play with other people's tracks has also inspired many of their own ideas and melodies for new original music. (Download Timeflies "One Night" on iTunes.)

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Krewella Premieres New EP Track 'Come & Get It' [Free MP3 Download]

Krewella has found a way to innovatively combine gritty dubstep riffs with pop-savvy melodic hooks that have the potential to reach the masses. In fact, some may even argue that Krewella at its creative core is a pop band with a deep love for the dance floor. Their brand-new single "Come & Get It" is a perfect example of that. The track is driven by a adrenaline-fueled drum 'n bass groove that is mashed up with the occasional dubstub wobble, candy-coated pop vocals and an infectious hook that pop hits are made of. 

To the uninitiated, Krewella is the Chicago teaming of Jahan, Yasmine and Rainman that I first alerted you about in 2009. While the group's dubstep-influenced stompers are getting most of the attention, it's important for Krewella to point out that they are by no means solely a dubstep act. "We get pigeonholed into it a lot, but only one of the tracks on our EP is actually dubstep," says Kris Trindl aka Rainman, Krewella's savvy beatmaker."People like to put us in a box, but we just like good music. If it’s between 100BPM to 170 BPM we'll figure out a way to make it work and have a good time with it," the producer and DJ says in a press release. "We just make the music that we love."

"Come & Get It" is taken from Krewella's forthcoming new remix EP, entitled "Play Harder." The eight-song EP features a selection of banger remixes of two of their most popular tracks—"Alive" and "Killin’ It." The EP will be released digitally on December 10. In the meantime, make sure to grab Krewella's new "Come & Get It" right here.

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