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Bossy Love Premieres New Track 'Me + You" [First Listen]


After anonymously teasing us with a few deliciously poppy tunes earlier this year, the sassy kitten is now finally out of the bag. Bossy Love is the artist moniker of none other than singer Amandah Wilkinson who is of course the lead singer of Aussie pop sensation Operator Please. While the group is on an extended hiatus, Wilkinson has been working on solo material and is currently putting the final touches on Bossy Love's debut EP that is shaping up to a very, very exciting pop release.

This week, Amandah unveiled a new track from that EP that once again underlines her love for everything '80s and '90s. Ruled by saucy synths, Linn-styled drums and her candy-coating vocals, "Me + You" is a massive synth pop gem that lyrically taps into a personal experience that is still fresh on her mind. "I guess this is pretty much raw emotion really," the Australian singer writes me in an email, adding that the sound on the track is a subtle nod to her love for the Eurythmics and "anything sparkly synths."

Gifted, inspired and brimming with enthusiasm, Amandah has not only been working on her own solo material but she has also been writing for others people, including tracks for The Slips and Tonight Only. The singer is off to Holland next week to work on more new music and prep the release of her EP. The singer explains that the more new things she does, the more she's inspired. "I guess it's just out of things I've been doing and making art really," she writes me. "It's been like a massive art project." Well-spoken and it's just the type of pop art we can believe in. (Make sure to grab Bossy Love featuring Kween "Fight This Off" on iTunes now.)

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