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Listen to Private 'Everywhere' Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine Remix [Exclusive]

Sweden is not the only Nordic country that produces some of the finest pop music today. With artists like Oh Land and Alphabeat, the proud nation of Denmark sure knows how to serve up some mighty good pop as well. One of the brightest Danish pop acts to keep your eye on in months to come is Private (aka Thomas Troelsen) who unleashes his brand-new single, aptly-titled "Everywhere," this week.The radio edit of the track (that features the spitfire rhymes of rapper Genasis) comes along with a slew of remixes including a synthastic revamp by Flemming Dalum and Kid Machine that exclusively premieres on today. (You can listen to the single version of Private "Everywhere" right here.)

Pop aficionados among you will most certainly remember Private as the goth-pop trio that had massive hits in Europe with "My Secret Lover" and "We Got Some Breaking Up To Do" in 2007. Now, after a five year break from the pop scene, lead man Thomas Troelsen is blowing some new life into Private with "Everywhere."

Troelsen tells me in an interview that he has always been more concerned about music than the exact "constellation or format" of Private. "I've always envied groups like Daft Punk, Gorillaz and Basement Jaxx because it's producers' music," he tells me. "They can get anybody to sing on their songs and change their sound all the time. This is the perfect way for me to make music."

"Everywhere" is pure pop glory that is ruled by saucy synths chords, propulsive percussion and a massively euphoric chorus that pulls you right into the song the moment it hits. Resistance is futile. "I always search for new sounds, genres and output to play and experiment with," Troelsen explains. "With 'Everywhere,' I experimented with combining tough with sweet." 

He adds, "I was looking for a big, positive and universal sound, and as the song developed I started feeling like the song could almost be a soundtrack for the Olympics because of that strong emotion it contains. I love combining instruments and elements that don't necessarily fit. I thrive on intuition when I write music."

Troelsen partnered with California rapper Genasis to add some grit to track's timeless pop splendor. "I found this new rapper Genasis on a blog somewhere and checked out his amazing song 'Jackie Chan' and thought that he would be the perfect fit," Troelsen says. Private is off to a very, very strong start with "Everywhere" that without a doubt will please pop lovers everywhere and satisfy their insatiable cravings for great new pop. (Click here to download Private "Everywhere" on iTunes UK. If you're outside of the U.K. you can grab the MP3 totally guilt-free here.)