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[VIDEO] Nelly Furtado Reveals New Album Inspirations, Performs Exclusive Set of Hits for Walmart Soundcheck

9-28-2012 11-05-06 AM

The next best thing to enjoying Nelly Furtado performing her music is to hear the pop star talk about what inspires her songwriting. Her songs are loaded with encouragement, positivity and a relatable sentiment that comes from a very real place. Her excellent new album, titled "The Spirit Indestructible," is a great example of that. It's one of Nelly's most personal records to date that showcases an artist who is not afraid to experiment and freely speaks her mind. 

In addition to performing a set of new album tracks and fan faves, Furtado sat down with the fine folks at Walmart Soundcheck to talk about her new LP. "This is my fifth studio album and I'm really excited about it," Furtado smiles. "It has an adrenaline, a rawness to it. I describe it as a friendly punch in the face. It's not violent, but it's aggressive and has an immediacy to it. But it's also friendly because the themes on the record. are quite spiritual, quite positive and uplifting."

Furtado talks specifically about how the title track of album came about. "'The Spirit Indestructible' started as an idea for an album title before it became a song," she explains. "It came from a book I was reading and the phrase jumped out at me. It's about the fact that we're all indestructible, whether you talk about today's times or about history where people have overcome things. The song has many meanings and those meanings continue to evolve. That's what I like about songs like that. It becomes different things to different people. I love that."

The Canadian songstress also talks about new track "High Life" that has a very personal meaning. "You dream of success as a child, but it is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that you swim in," she explains. "Success is about balance, friends and family, and having self-love. 'High Life' talks about that in a very poppy way."

She adds, "They say you have your whole life to write your first album and for me that is "Who Nelly!' But I feel like I have lived a whole other lifetime since then. It's 2012 now and "The Spirit Indestructible' feels like my debut again in a way. Probably because it's really eclectic."

Make sure to check out Nelly Furtado's entire video interview with Walmart Soundcheck and also watch her live performance of "Meaneater," "Big Hoops, "Spirit Indestructible," "Turn Off The Light," "Be OK" and "Parking Lot" that was filmed on a sunny day in downtown Los Angeles. Furtado is looking absolutely stunning and her glow matches her terrific performance.

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