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Ellie Goulding Premieres Video for 'Anything Could Happen' [Review]

9-5-2012 8-38-43 AM

Ellie Goulding takes us to a scene somewhere between life and what happens after in the fantastic new music video for "Anything Could Happen" that the singer unveiled this morning. Dressed in a long, flowy dress, Goulding opens her eyes on a beach when she's awakened by the surf hitting the shore at sunset. She's surrounded by mirror balls to create a fantastical setting that will have viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering about the storyline that's about to develop.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the scenes of an angelic Goulding on the rocky beach are interspersed with footage of the singer performing the song looking straight into the camera. The video's dreamy, soft-focus quality unexpectedly hits harsh reality when a frame appears picturing a small strain of blood appearing from Goulding's nose that gradually starts flowing down her face. It becomes clear that something terrible happened that caused a tragic fatality, which pulls the full story together.

The final scenes reveal what we have started to suspect when the video flashbacks to Goulding and her lover in their vintage Volkswagen Beetle that gets hit out of the blue by another car. Before flying off into the sunset, Goulding hoovers over the crash scene to say her final goodbyes.

The dramatic and thought-provoking video paints a sharp contrast with the hopeful sentiment that ultimately helps amplify its bigger message. "Anything Could Happen" is a song about grabbing life by the horns and living in the moment because you never know what tomorrow brings. This video shows that in life there a rarely second chances so you better enjoy it while it lasts. (Download Ellie Goulding "Anything Could Happen" on iTunes.)

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