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Staying true to form, Dragonette is stirring up a riot in the brand-new video for their single "Live In This City" that premiered this week just in time for the release of their new album next week. The Canadian pop trio steps out and jives along through the city streets to discover a slew of misfits, dancers and other fabulous outcasts. The message of the video really is that what seems one thing may actually turn out to be another if you just let music color your world. (Make sure to watch it all the way through the end for a little surprise.)

The video was directed by Wendy Morgan and is the perfect complement to the happy-go-lucky, rock-edged pop stomper filled with a positive attitude that emphasizes once again everything we have to come to love so much about Dragonette. "Live In This City" also captures the vibrant energy that dominates their fantastic new album "Body Parts" that will be released in the U.S. on September 25. 

In an interview on YouTube, Martina explains that she was inspired by "old music" when making "Body Parts." "I listen to [old music] and wonder what it would sound like if we could translate it to all these synth toys and big beats that you can make on the computer today," she explains. "People think I listen to a lot of dance music, but when making this new album I was very drawn to Paul Simon's 'Graceland.' I imagined what it would be like if we could take the happiness and energy of that album, and turn it into a dance record." (Click to download Dragonette "Live In This City" on iTunes.)