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The Veronicas Premiere Music Video for New Single 'Lolita' [Review]


In the brand-new video for their much-anticipated new single "Lolita," The Veronicas tightly strap on their pop armour to fight off an alien attack with a hefty dose of melody that shows us exactly who is in control. Lisa and Jess Origliasso explain in a press release that the fantastical and gritty story line of the 'Lolita' video is a very deliberate metaphor for the song's lyrics about the power struggle between women and men.

"We wanted to explore the psychology behind the Lolita theme of a younger woman with an older man," Jess explains. "People always assume that the guy is the predator and that the young girl is being taken advantage of but that’s not necessarily the case."

It's a grown up, girl power theme that demonstrates that two Aussie sisters have matured and artistically have evolved in the last few years after celebrating global success with their album, "Hook Me Up." "Being a few years older, we're definitely feeling our way into new territory,” Jess says. "There were adult themes on 'Hook me Up,' but people didn’t necessarily perceive us as adults. And I don’t think we were even ready to be perceived as adults. But now it feels good to get everyone up to speed on where we are."

Both musically and lyrically, 'Loleta' demonstrates how Lisa and Jess have come into their as pop artists. With a sound that is dark, moodier yet decidedly pop, the girls are not backing away from opening up a little while toying with new sonic textures. "Lolita’ came from us not trying to write as we had done in the past, which was about asking ourselves, ‘What are we going through right now in life?’” Jess explains. “It was more about, ‘What are we being turned on by in the world?’

She adds, "Over the past several years, we’ve become influenced by so many different things, whether it be films or the psychology behind events we’ve dealt with in our personal lives or our industry. It was very freeing to not have to write something as literal as our past singles. We’re very proud of those songs, we just wanted to try another approach." ("Lolita" is taken from The Veronicas' new album "Life On Mars" that will be released later this year.)

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