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Karin Park Releases Video for New Single 'Thousand Loaded Guns' [Premiere]

8-30-2012 10-44-23 AM

Pop aficionados among you may remember Karin Park from her debut album "Superworldunknown" that was a chart sensation in Norway back in 2004. Since then, the Swedish songstress released two more albums, "Change Your Mind" and "Ashes To Gold," before signing to Portmouth label State of the Eye in England to head in a new musical direction that incorporates classic synth pop with industrial and even some dubstep influences.

Park explains to the Daily Star in the U.K. that growing up in the dark woods of Dalarna, Sweden, in a deeply religious family, has had a profound impact on her music and its moody undertones. "There is a natural Swedish melancholia. It’s dark half the year and it’s very cold," she explains. "It makes you stay inside and become creative. [Over the last few years] I've been on a journey and now I've finally discovered myself."

Park's new single, entitled "Thousand Loaded Guns," is taken from Park's new LP "Highwire Poetry" that was co-produced by Christopher Berg who previously collaborated with The Knife and Fever Ray. She explains that new record combines sonic intensity with human vulnerability. "I described it once as standing on the edge of a boat, and you don't know where it's going, with a rabbit in your right hand and you're holding an electric drill in your left hand," she tells Glamour Magazine. "Because on one hand, it's soft and on the other it's very pushy and gritty. I think I've managed to get those both sides working next to each other."

Edgy and eclectic, the sound on "Thousand Loaded Guns" echoes the darker sentiment of her isolated upbringing with its throbbing, retro-futurist synths, big percussion and Park's distinct vocals that give the entire production an eerie, yet very compelling twist. (Karin Park "Thousand Loaded Guns" will be released in the U.K. on September 9. Her new album "Highwire Poetry" is available now.)

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DJ Fresh Unveils Video for New Single 'The Feeling' Featuring RaVaughn

DJ Fresh 450

Hot on the heels of his smash hits with Rita Ora and Dizzee Rascal, DJ Fresh cranks out another megahit to be with "The Feeling" that features newcomer RaVaughn. Dominated by a pop-savvy drum and bass groove, "The Feeling" is an uplifting dance-pop romp that gets amplified by the candy-coated vocals of RaVaughn. The song is taken from DJ Fresh's new album "Nextlevelism" that will be released on Ministry of Sound in the U.K. on October 1.

The video for "The Feeling" gives fans a glimpse on the burgeoning Japanese custom scooter subculture called 'space invaders'. Shot on location in Tokyo by director Ivan Ogilvie, the video follows local bikers around the city revealing a dizzying array of custom scooters, from futuristic stretch versions to brightly coloured modified machines that resemble "British Mod bikes re-imagined by Phillip K. Dick,"according to a press release.

Director Ivan Ogilvie explains that he wanted to capture a facet of Tokyo's thriving youth culture to bring the positive spirit of "The Feeling" to life. "'The Feeling' is about being out there doing what you enjoy with your friends, so I wanted to capture real people on these amazing, futuristic bikes cruising Tokyo's neon streets," Oglivie explains. "The video follows on from other works I've done looking into graffiti and other youth cultures in the U.K."

He adds, "It's all about style and I think there's something really genuine and interesting about that. There's no financial pay off for these guys, in fact it's very expensive to customise them, but the results are incredible." (Click here to pre-order DJ Fresh featuring RaVaugn "The Feeling" on iTunes.)

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Chris Richardson Premieres New Single 'Joy And Pain' [Exclusive Interview]


Most people will remember Chris Richardson as a finalist on season six of American Idol, but some may not know that the singer's stint on the talent show in 2007 is just part of his ongoing musical journey that began years prior to his Idol fame. "I started out writing songs in high school, doing local talent shows and just preparing for what I do now," Richardson tells me in an interview. "I have always been very confident in my music. What has always driven me is that I have so many great stories to tell that I want to share with people."

After his stint on American Idol, Richardson continued writing and recording music to further tune his craft. In 2010, the former college football player signed to Cash Money Records to build to their already successful pop roster. Now, he's begun tenaciously working on what will become his full-length debut for the label.

Richardson is excited about his new project and shares an incredible passion for making music that will be inspirational to fans. "I have a drive to win. I'm not sure where it comes from," he smiles. Richardson pauses for a moment, "Maybe it's because I played football in college. Win may not be the best word. It really is about wanting to succeed in the things you want to succeed in."

The first single taken from Richardson's forthcoming full-length effort is "Joy And Pain," a radio-ready tune produced by Detail that prominently features the crooner's slick and soulful pop vocals. It's a hopeful song about making it through life's motions that aims to make a personal connection with listeners. "It's really a song that can open up a conversation and relate to many people," Richardson tells me. "Incorporating familiar situations and familiar scenarios that go on in typical life helps to relay the song. Not only is it a great pop sing that gets stuck in your head but it also means something."

Richardson explains that creating powerful melodies is at the core of his songwriting. "I'm a big melody fan," he explains. "I can go in and freestyle a song with just a melody. I think when you listen to a song for the first time people often don't get the words right away so the melody is very important to get a song stuck in your head and make a good first impression."

Richardson notes that "Joy And Pain" is a good indication of the sound on his debut album. "The organic mix of pop and live instrumentation, and how we are incorporating the synths is definitely where it's going to go," he tells me. "[The album] will take you on a rollercoaster though. It will take you to different worlds, to different inspirations. It's going to be a very catchy album." (Click here to download Chris Richardson feat. Tyga "Joy And Pain" on iTunes.)

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The Daily Crunch: Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Madonna, Matchbox Twenty, Bat For Lashes, OneRepublic

Bruno Mars 450

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Ed Drewett Unveils New Track 'Summer' & Unveils Debut Album Details [VIDEO]

8-28-2012 12-48-27 PM

After stirring up a steady amount of buzz with "Good Morning" (MP3), rapidly-rising pop crooner Ed Drewett unveils the brand-new "Summer" that comes just in time to celebrate the end of the season in style. Fun, joyful and very pop, the song gives us a few more clues about Drewett's distinct musical direction that he has rightfully referred to as charismatic. "Summer" in particular has a neat lightness of touch to it that makes it instantly stand out from the hard-pounding bombast that is ruling the charts. The song comes along with an equally entertaining video that perfectly brings the breezy, laid-back qualities of the tune to life.

In an interview with British fashion retailer TopShop, Drewett talks a little more about his music, viewpoint and career. "I've always loved performers and pop, not throw away pop," he says about some of his inspirations. "I'm talking about artists like Rod Stewart and Elton John. Even country music, you listen to those song and they're like the optimum pop songs (. . .) That's what I want to be. I don't want to just hang around for a year or two. I'm making a career of it."

Drewett, who co-wrote The Wanted's global monster hit "Glad You Came," also talks about his debut album that's expected on Polydor Records some time in 2013. "There are songs on the album that I wrote four years ago, this album is the cream of the songs I've written over the past last few years and I'm over the moon with it. It's going to be out until 2012 but in terms the songs on there I couldn't have picked better ones."

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