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OneRepublic Premieres New Single "Feel Again' [Review]


After picking up a GRAMMY for his songwriting and production work on Adele's "21" back in February, Ryan Tedder spoke backstage at The GRAMMY Awards with me about his work with Adele and a new project with Beyonce he was about to start. But he was particularly excited about the new material he was working on for OneRepublic. 

Tedder noted that being back in the studio with his pals of OneRepublic was a major priority for 2012. "We really feel that this could be our big break out album," he explained while also revealing that the group was working with producers Paul Epworth and Philippe Zdar on tracks for their new record.

Following the global success of their most recent single "Good Life," the Colorado group of Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Brent Kutzle, Drew Brown and Eddie Fisher have finally unveiled some of the new music they've been cooking up in recent months. They unleashed their new single, entitled "Feel Again," on ABC Good Morning America earlier this month and this week the group released an audio stream for everyone to enjoy the new track in its full studio glory. The single will be delivered to radio in the next few days and the song will be released to iTunes next Tuesday.

"Feel Again" represents everything fans have come to love about the group. It features an uplifting, hook-laden melody filled with hope and optimism that's so quintessential OneRepublic. But "Feel Again" also clearly demonstrates that the group is evolving their brand of pop. It showcases a richer, fuller sound palette that accentuates the anthemic qualities of their songwriting with big drums, rowling guitars and tightly produced vocal harmonies. 

The song's emotional pull is given a massive boost by its powerful lyrics about coming back into your own and embracing life. In many ways, the track's gently shimmering intro coveys that sentiment. "Heart still beating but it's not working. I reach out trying to love but I feel nothing," Tedder aches before bursting into the richly melodic chorus that is filled with bliss, "But with you I feel again."

The hand-clap happy song is ultimately a tale about grabbing life by the horns and feeling new again no matter what happened the day prior. In world saturated by bleak news headlines, conveying a message of living life in the moment is a timeless concept that truly has a universal appeal. And leave it up to Tedder and his friends to package such a powerful sentiment in a tightly-produced and radio-ready package that has the potential to spread like wildfire. (OneRepublic "Feel Again" is available on iTunes on August 27.)

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