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My Name Is Kay Premieres New Video for "Strangers" featuring Pusha T [Review]


Our friends in Canada have had the opportunity to enjoy My Name Is Kay's totally fun new music video for "Strangers" ever since it premiered on MuchMusic almost 2 weeks ago. Fortunately the video for the singer's new single is now available for the rest of the world (and the growing KayNation) to see and rave over as well.

Produced by hitmakers Ryan Tedder and Evan "Kidd" Bogart, "Strangers" perfectly defines the spunky, sunny and solid pop sound we have come to love so much about My Name Is Kay. The video for the song echoes those exact qualities with colorful, immaculately-styled scenes, eye-popping fashion, a proper dose of girl power and Kay facing the camera straight-on to tell her story about a love gone terribly sour. She gives her ex a piece of her mind and shares with the rest of the world how really feels about him.

She rightfully scolds him and sings, "You tell me I look beautiful, baby that's so unusual, but then we get to the party, you act like you don't even know me. You're a fool, you're a damn fool and it's all you'll ever be. So get a clue, you'll never find another me." My Name Is Kay is clearly not to be messed with.

Kay's gorgeous up-close camera shots are interspersed with footage of the singer rolling around in fabulous pink pumps, venting to nameless mannequins and finally bringing the whole situation to a crashing halt. The singer picks up a metal rod and hits her target right on the nose to show that she has finally had enough of all the shenanigans, and being disrespected by her loser boyfriend. But My Name Is Kay wouldn't be Kay if she didn't end the ordeal on a positive note and a proper smooch on the cheek. It's all in good fun and that's exactly what My Name Is Kay's music is all about. (Do yourself a big favor and grab My Name Is Kay "Strangers" on iTunes now. New pop must be supported and Kay deserves all of your love.)

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