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A Few Words about Nelly Furtado's New Single 'Spirit Indestructible'


The beauty of pop music is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. A pop song can move you with a joyous melody, a heartfelt emotion or simply a fun, gimmicky lyric that people everywhere can easily relate to. It's not often that a pop song takes a spiritual turn and provides enlightenment in a world of cookie-cutter pop that is often marked by more trivial matters. Nelly Furtado new single "Spirit Indestructible" is one of those very rare pop tracks that provides more than just a bouncy groove and a catchy hook. It's a song that inspires and demonstrates the power of the human spirit that will turn you into a believer.

On "Spirit Indestructible," the title track of Furtado's forthcoming new LP, the singer examines the power of perseverance and what it takes to live your life to the fullest while facing adversity. Regardless of the exact circumstance, Furtado stands on your side and conveys an uplifting message of hope in not-so subtle terms. "Through my tired eyes, I phase out the rain. With a meditation, I erase my pain," she chants. "There's a rhythm flowing in every vein and the melody is never ending." That's some powerful stuff.

Muscially, the song starts out as a sweet lullaby that bursts into light when a booming bass beat kicks in that serves as a call-to-action to stand up and keep moving no matter what has gotten you down. In a press release, Furtado provides us a few clues about what inspired the "Spirit Indestructible." "[The song] is an ode to the spirit which resides in all of us and triumphs over anything," Nelly explains. "It is inspired by people I have met, and special moments in history that I have read about. Spirituality is one of the underlying themes on the album."

One of the experiences that has deeply influenced Furtado is her work for Free the Children in Kenya. The singer traveled to the developing African country to support educational projects for young girls. "I experienced real joy for the first time, Communal joy. Obviously giving birth was joyful, personally. But when I went to Africa, I really experienced people celebrating and being joyful together for the first time," she explains in an interview with the BBC. "It really reinforced my belief in humanity."

Many pop songs serve up a message of hope and self-confidence, but what makes "Spirit Indestructible" uniquely compelling is that it tells a story about the importance of spirtuality and finding personal strength by emphasizing inner peace. It's about looking inwards before looking outwards. That unique, lasersharp point of view and flawless musical execution shows us once again what an incredibly gifted artist Nelly Furtado is. She is a true musical chameleon who is not afraid to open up and share her experiences with fans to create truly compelling pop music. 

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