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Nelly Furtado Unveils New Track 'Parking Lot' (Live at AOL Sessions)


After honoring her hip hop idols on "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)" and baring her soul on "Spirit Indestructible," Nelly Furtado takes listeners back to her teenage years on "Parking Lot." It's a brand-new song from her forthcoming new LP that she performed at a private industry showcase in Hollywood earlier this month and also during her AOL Sessions mini concert for all of her fans to enjoy. 

Set to a big, booming beat, the spunky "Parking Lot" clearly references Furtado's wild and free teenage years when she first fell in love with hip hop music that is a driving theme on her forthcoming new album. It's not the first time Furtado makes mention of a parking lot in her music. On the angst-ridden "Explode" (from 2003's "Folklore"), the Canadian singer candidly shares a story about being "stuck in teenage waste" while talking about friends "getting drunk outside the K-Mart" and other debaucheries at the "rooftop mall parkade." 

At first glance, "Explode" may appear to be just a song about being foolish and being young, but if you consider its context, the song is ultimately about bonding together and feeling the exhilaration of taking risk. That exact sentiment also drives the singer's new "Parking Lot." The song taps into her carefree and exuberant spirit that is so quintessential Furtado. "I don't know if you can hold me back. I got some time to waste so we can chop away the hours," she sings. "We gonna turn the speakers up, cuz we ain't gonna do nothing. ( . . .) depending on the chemicals, we can make some power. Let's dance in the rain, let's get fancy."

With more and more songs being unveiled from Furtado's new "The Spirit Indestructible" LP, it becomes clear that this record is a very authentic piece of work that shines in originality. Perfectly balancing style and substance, the record explicitly captures the feeling and the music that continue to inspire Furtado while also showcasing her growing spirituality as a human being. It's three-dimensional pop with a global appeal.

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