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Nelly Furtado Talks Spirituality, Nostalgia and Inspiration For New Album


After unveiling "Big Hoops" and "Something" (featuring Nas), Nelly Furtado is gearing up to release the title track of her highly-anticipated new album, entitled "The Spirit Indestructible," as her official next single. Furtado recently shot the video for the song in the mountains of Vancouver, British Columbia to add a distinct spiritual flavor to the visual presentation of the song. "[The song] is an ode to the spirit which resides in all of us and triumphs over anything," Nelly explains in a press release. "It is inspired by people I have met, and special moments in history that I have read about. Spirituality is one of the underlying themes on the album." 

In an interview with Swedish television this week, Furtado also spoke about nostalgia as one of the guiding themes of "The Spirit Indestructible." "Nostalgia is a big theme on the album," she explains. "I say that because the place I'm at right now in life, mentally and how I feel, is very much the same person who wrote recorded my first album."

She adds, "I feel really rejuvenated and this album is very much an expression of that. There are lot of songs where I'm back in a teenage mind and reflect on the road I've traveled, which is really the spirit of who you are now. This new album is all about light, new energy and positivity. It's fun. It's like a friendly punch in the face. It captures you, it's aggressive but at the same time it's uplifting. It's a fusion that I really like."

The Canadian pop singer refers to "Big Hoops" as one of the tracks on the album that celebrates her youth and the musicial inspiration she came from. She also talks about about the song "High Life" that examines the importance of valuing what really matters in life. "It's a fun song, but if you take a closer listen to 'High Life' you will find out that it's about quite a serious topic that is about the dream of success and the reality of it."

"Everybody goes through this. You have this dream as a kid and you think success is this pot of gold that you can sit and swim in at the end of a rainbow, but it's not like that," she confides. "Success is a journey. Everyday you have to live successfully in terms of your happiness and enjoyment of life. I'm learning this as I go. It's all a process ( . . .) The music industry is brutal and the glamorous moments are rare. I'm a working musician and I believe that if I focus on the music I will always walk the correct road." ("The Spirit Indestructible" is due September 18th on Interscope Records. Grab "Big Hoops" on iTunes now.)

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Andreas Moe Performs EP Title Track 'Collecting Sunlight' (Live in the Park)


Like I wrote previously, Andreas Moe is without a doubt one the finest new male pop voices to emerge from Sweden this year. Pop aficionados among you will surely recognize Moe's pitch-perfect falsetto from his vocal contribution to Avicii's "Fade Into Darkness" and his collaboration with John de Sohn on "Long Time." After the testing the waters as a featured vocalist, the time has now come for Moe to spread his wings and enter the spotlight with his own music.

This week, the Stockholm native released his brand-new "Collecting Sunlight" EP in Europe on iTunes. The six-track effort properly introduces pop fans to Moe's enchanting brand of pop that reflects his varied taste in music. Moe has been inspired by artists as diverse as Bon Iver, Beirut and Kanye West that has helped shape his melodic singer/songwriter sound that he likes to describe as The Script meets Robyn meets Prince. He explains, "it's electronic but organic."

Lyrically, the songs Moe has written for his EP cover his experiences with love, both positive and negative and are all inspired by one girl. "The heart features heavily in every single song and forms the emotional thread of the EP," a press release concludes. The timeless pop ballad "Collecting Sunlight" is a wonderful example of that. It's a hopeful tune with deeply melancholic undertones about enjoying the moment in preparation for less happy times. "Boxes, jars, suitcases, anything I can find. Containers, bag and bottles. Anything to keep it dry. I'm collecting sunlight for a rainy day," Moe sings.

Check out an exclusive, semi-acoustic performance of "Collecting Sunlight" that Moe performed in a Swedish park on a bright, sunny day. The toned down, outdoor rendition of the EP title track brings out the very essence of the song's meaning and melody, perfectly underlining the pop brilliance of the song.

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Mika Shares New Album Details, Unveils Cherokee Remix of 'Make You Happy'


French electronica duo Cherokee adds some shine and spark to Mika's "Make You Happy," a track taken from his forthcoming new LP, entitled "The Origin Of Love." It's a wonderfully lush and breezy re-interpretation of the equally sophisticated original that perfectly fits the long, lazy days of summer. Cherokee recently also re-worked Daft Punk's "Something About You," highlighting the uplifting chill-out moments and melodies of that tune.

I first wrote about Mika's "Make You Happy" a couple of weeks ago when the British pop singer unveiled the new tune alongside a beautiful video of the song. The track gave fans a first indication of where Mika is heading sonically on his highly-anticipated new album that he collaborated on with people like Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun, Pharrell Williams and Martin Solveig among others.

In an interview with WotYouGot, the rejuvenated and inspired pop singer talks a little bit more about the evolved sound on his new album. "It's extremely joyful. It's non-traditional love songs," Mika explains. "[The Origin Of Love] is an alternative pop record fundamentally. It's full of joy, it's very honest, my heart is very much on my sleeve on this album. Some of it is really exciting to me. I feel I've got an album that I'm really proud of."

Mika adds, "It's still so obviously very me, but it's definitely an evolution. I wanted to write a record that was joyful and mature, I wanted a record that had a certain lightness of touch in its production. So for example tracks like 'Celebrate' and the title track, it's pop, it's joyful but it's not as frenetic or as hyperactive or attention-seeking even though it is very catchy."

The first official single taken from "The Origin Of Love" is "Celebrate" that features none other than soundboard maestro Pharrell Williams. "The Origin Of Love" will be released in the U.S. this fall on Universal Republic records.

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Listen to Far East Movement feat. Cover Drive 'Turn Up The Love' (Manhattan Clique Remix)


This morning, Far East Movement unleashed some brand-new remixes of their new single "Turn Up The Love" that features U.K. newcomers Cover Drive. Produced by Axident and Wallpaper, "Turn Up The Love" is rocking up the charts in Europe and with the freshly-unveiled video of the "Dirty Bass" stomper, it's ready to explode into primetime in the Americas as well.

After remixing tunes for La Roux, Britney Spears and Katy Perry, DJ/production duo Manhattan Clique now takes on the radio-ready "Turn Up The Love" and turns it into a mightily infectious dancefloor romp. They up the euphoric dancefloor qualities of the original by including a booming new groove and a sparkly new synth riff that neatly builds to the song's soaring chorus.

Manhattan Clique is a big fan of Far East Movement and were thrilled to remix "Turn Up The Love." "It was great fun working on the Natalia Kills/Far East Movement remix we did a few months ago," the duo of Philip Larsen and Chris Smith writes me. "We were very pleased to be asked to turn our attention to 'Turn Up The Love.'"

"Far East Movement's hooks and basslines are incredibly heavy," Manhattan Clique adds. "We wanted to feature that in the remix, whilst taking the whole track somewhere else for the clubs. The new piano line and chords are intended to give the vocal a twist and - hopefully - build the euphoric nature of both sets of vocals." Very nicely done, gents. So go ahead "clap your hands" and "get it poppin'" because this one "has love to give." Highly recommended.

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