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[NEW] Listen to Zak Waters "Skinny Dipping In The Deep End" Video Premiere


What makes pop crooner and multi-instrumentalist Zak Waters immediately stand out from the pack of rising new pop stars is his peppy blend of pop, funk and electronica that brings a glowing, soulful vibe to the pop scene. Influenced by arists as diverse as Daft Punk, Curtis Mayfield, Earth Wind & Fire and Jamiroquai, Waters stirs up all of his musical inspirations and flavors it with a proper dose of futuristic disco pop to create a hyper-catchy brand of pop that is uniquely his.

Case in point is his brand-new single, entitled "Skinny Dipping In The Deep End," a feel-good pop ditty about letting go and living it up when the feeling's right. "Show me yours, I'll show you mine," Waters sings. "The water should be fine. So come on take your clothes off. Jump off the rooftop, feeling free."

The track is taken from Waters' forthcoming LP and comes along with a fitting video about joining the party and making a splash in more ways than one. Carefree and downright fun, it's an excellent track and a great video that fits the season perfectly. Stay tuned for more from Zak Waters soon. In the meantime, you can download "Skinny Dipping In The Deep End" on iTunes now.

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